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[Klaipeda] Annoying little kid


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And I’m not generous with one who starts the conversation with curse and insults.


Oh neat… did Yuri finally ban this toxic person endlessly spreading hatespeech? good job


Every server has its “moo”. You just found the one for Klaipeda. :haha:


I’m sorry but I don’t see any reason to ban typhoonz. He was talking to someone else not you. He obviously wasn’t being serious. This just looks like a sad attempt to get someone you don’t like banned.


don’t defend typhoonz he is a cancer and is not the first time he is flamming because he had problem with someone


Not defending him or saying you’ve made the wrong choice in this situation (I don’t know it well, and racism is wrong) but I wouldn’t say “starts the conversation” with insults. Although to an outsider it may appear that Typhoonz is starting the conversation with insults, this is only in Tree of Savior. There is a discord with a channel specifically used to bully others and I see Randy doing some things that would absolutely justify such negativity towards him. (Again not racism, I don’t really know what those words mean, but racism should stay off limits)

Again I’m not saying you’re wrong in your decision here, but I hope you wouldn’t take action against someone just because they appear to be negative towards someone from the start. Because the worst of it is likely not in game. I wouldn’t be shocked at all to find that Randy provoked him in some way.

Although I am surprised he’s ■■■■ talking Randy and not SugarLips.

Edit: Also just noticed the guy reporting this called Typhoonz “piece of ■■■■” which should at least show, this is not some neutral party seeing this and doing what is right to make the game a better place. This is someone who has a grudge against Typhoonz. So again, really hope any action taken is about the Racism and not just you taking sides, Milknote > Typhoonz.


He’s not flamming anyone looks like he’s talking to someone he’s knows


There is no racism in his comments. Calling a Brazilian a Brazilian idiot isn’t racist, it just sounds dumb.


I’ll google it

Idt that is racist, but there is 1 other word to check.

That’s not racist, but it is “homophobic” which is the same as racism. Essentially this is the Spanish and Homosexual version of the N word.

However you’re right that is actually looks like he could be talking to a “friend” can’t say I agree with his use of words but this way of talking to friends in a way that appears insulting isn’t uncommon or problematic. The issue is that he is using the word “Maricon” and possibly “Puto”.

But yea, the system is rigged, just like in real life, report someone you don’t like whenever you see them doing something questionable, chances are the moderator looked into past chats, saw that Typhoonz is not the most positive person around and then decided to punish him. I’d love to see them take a look at Milknote as well though.


Puto is usually used as the word for female dog in Spanish in the US. " B *TCH" Either way this just isn’t right. I don’t care if someone’s feelings were hurt but what he’s being accused of is false.


why @Over.Kill isn’t defending himself? why are u defend him when obviously is insulting sugar lips because he defeat him and don’t accept war, the same happens with randy he report randy by a childish reason


Typh was not talking bad to me, he was talking to Sugarlips in that picture. He only asked me to put on my cat ears.


I agree with Yuri, this isn’t the proper approach in reporting other players for toxic behavior

@milknote reason for report isn’t the place to harass players even if he broke the rules.


He actually was the first to reply to this thread to further insult the OP. Yuri just deleted his comment and (probably) banned him.


He was only muted in game for 24 hours, in which his response was “he’ll just keep talking **** on his alt account, it doesn’t matter to him.”

But yes, the context everyone is missing here is the post he made in response to the thread that was deleted. I’m not going to repost it, but it was much worse than the screenshot.


Ahh sorry I meant as in banned/muted from this forum and not in game.


"Message from Typhoon: I never said ANYTHING racist, SUGARLIPS IS BRAZILIAN, also I wasn’t making fun of RandyBK. I was talking to SUGARLIPS. Plus I was muted until JANUARY 5th, which is why I can’t defend myself. I don’t feel like I deserve it, but oh well I can still talk through my alts. Doesn’t effect me as much as it does my recruitment since I no longer have access to over.kill account, but my typhoonz account is the one that got muted on the forums, so even my guild RECRUITMENT post is not visible. Thank you TPK and diamonds and those who feel my muting was a little harsh of a penalty, I will remember it :smiley: Anyways, Yuri is a lazy admin, I was talking in a jokingly manner, no racism at all and neither is HOMOPHOBIC remarks racism since HOMOSEXUALITY IS NOT A RACE. Thank you.



Hate-Speech of any kind whether it be about race, ethnicity, sexual orientation, or religion.
This includes language, symbols, or images recognized as slurs or references to hatred.


There was nothing “jokingly manner” about his reply. At all.