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iTos vs kTos Event Reward

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gave you a like so cant be flag.

maybe they do this Big rewarding event during Ep12 and 4ever update, that will make more players play…

Legend raid and uphill gives you 1m per run on top of other goodies. Also the future patch gives you additional attribute when completing quest. (I think somebody mentioned it was 420m silver worth attribute once you finished the entire main storyline. This reward is team based.) there are many events gave you options to redeem to attribute points (sprout event and rebuild coin event), I think there will be more to come.

This 420m silver worth attribute is a dream actually, it’s only 4 spell max without up any spell. In this game you have like 20-30 spell to upgrade at max level. It’s for 4ever update, with their communication we don’t know anything about this patch except what he does. Many event ? I don’t feel like this. I saw 3/4 good event max since i’m back in the game & they are not huge. Still Only 9/10 on 20-30 spell lvl max without art on only one char (Imagine you have many other different slot character). I must farm daily with other character to extract Attribute point to pay less expensive than purchase them.

Let’s do fake mathematics, If you do daily/Weekly you gain 150-200k saalus (500 AP Daily), 150k/mercerany (500 x 2 AP daily) if no ticket, Uphill + Legend raid 9m. 500-600k dungeon 330 without xp at 420 (daily), 1 CM 5 per day or 7 depends your stuff. It’s around 20-22m the week. (Without buying anything). It takes 5 week to get one spell max (still without buying anything or farming). Without event or anything it take around 100 week for max 25-30 spell. So for a new player who is casual, it take around 1 year and a half to get the same dps versus a guys with same stuff as you but full potential of burst. Is that normal ?

Moreover i participate on one event GM in Fedimian because in past 8 month there is only one GM event & it was the first time we have communication in the game with GM. I’m still playing the game because it was a nice one, but it die slowly… Look at the graph

Ah sorry you don’t get any money from dungeon. So less money won

1 year to hit any end game power, is acceptable.


you can farm 50k ish attribute point a week in an account with 4 400 that doing weeklies/dailies that gives you cm/mercenary or even saalus needed.

Uphill Give 1000 x4 (x2), Velco 5x1k, Legend Skia 5x, 5k ET. => If you don’t drop any page. I speak about 1 lvl 400 only

you get attribute points by doing guild mission and also sewer/irredian dungeon.with 1 400 you can get up too 36k a week. do saalus and more to get the rest 14m to make it two weeks for max 1 spell.
if you got a page, then its better.sell it for 2m and buy 2k attribute.

2020 year event is new even we will get it too “soon” like next month or so

you cant really compare our current and their current event because we are months away from krtos and like the guy above me said, we will likely get this event too
but not all krtos event are implemented in itos though.or maybe not yet.and sometimes its a little bit different.

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Hello I’m one of the “random guy” that constantly kill you in feud. I dont have 20 skills max ap, only 13. But in reality you die in 1 shield train so I guess I only need 1 skill max ap. Cheers.

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Dude i don’t care about you farming my death in feud versus my PVE char /gg your strong.#Brainless post. Can you read what i’m talking about instead of coming with iDick post.

I’m complain they have more interesting reward. We are still player who play the game like them, so why the reward should be different if it’s the same game. I don’t speak about one event in particular, just check past 6 month one.

If we are far behind, it’s because IMC need time to translate KR + there some things to do with steam and it’s not easy about this. I find we have 0 communication from IMC about what they are doing with this game. Look at Patch for example, it was one month they are late to announce anything. Just take a look about the weekend event, it start the 3 January & they announce it the 5 January, not normal.

tsk tsk
ok boomer
let me make this simple for you
its a different event, and we havent get that one yet.
maybe later later on.maybe a little bit different but not totally different like comparing our vs their current event.or maybe even never.
and if you check the past 6 month event we almost got all previous krtos cube, vasalov,stamp,etc etc


theres also lots of krtos update and translation here posted by many

i agree about this being abnormal.and as an old player that retired and recently back since 3 months ago i found this is new.but damn its new year spirit, some people could get drunk so hard.

I’m totally agree. I’m speaking just about reward.

For 4ever update is cool. Still no date on this. Maybe this month, maybe 3 month, maybe next year : It’s about this communication. It’s cool to saw what content we will have if we don’t know when it comes, it’s useless. We already check kTos for anticipate the things.

I don’t want to search, but they have things like Diamond Anvil, +16 Varna as reward & will all know it’s a huge things.

I just speak about my feeling… iTos is more Disadvantaged.

If my judgement is not good enough for you, you can just not post things. I am free to speak about what i want.

its because they keep patching things even in krtos.
if you keep update on krtos dev lab team, they even still update the reward of the latest insect raid that implemented month+ ago.and maybe some other stuff i dont really care.
and we receive it in a bulk.
the worst is 3-4 months from the moment its implemented in krtos.
if you cant wait that long just retired like me and back when new stuffs come
or like many others keep farming and be ready when new things out

and everyone else also free to comment as well.if you want to freely post without getting comment whether its positive negative bully provocative etc, forum isnt your place. go submit a ticket

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That’s much. Ok i don’t know it take 3-4 month to get all things. Thanks buddy, i understand about the pick of player every 3 month now.

Sure, I just don’t understand the fact to be negative. Peace world is better.

well becasue you said other player can kill you with your max gear and you think it’s because they have 20-30 skill max ap. Nah they dont, and no one max all the useless skills they dont use for damage. Normally people max 10-13 something attribute for 1 char. You back to the game 6 months ago, I started playing 8 months ago and I have no problem, in fact AP is easier to get now. Only speak about the AP part and how you think it’s low, the event part I have no say.