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Inquisitor path?

The two priest variants tbh, diev2 can do floors 1-5, but it’s just a lot safer to have a res there.

Though for higher floor content teams will likely look for very specific invuln cleric builds like diev3/krivis3 used to be. Depends on how that meta evolves with the sp potion x melstis changes and upcoming miko.

I don’t understand… two priest variants? you meant Priest2 right?

I mean both the priest2 and priest1/diev1 variants will do fine in ET.

Monk is not viable for ET, that’s about it if you keep insisting on making a monk build.

There is two popular Paladin Inquisitor builds in Korea.

1- Cl2, Diev1, Palla3, Monk, Inquisitor. 50 points in CON, Dex/Str 2:1. Monk in rank 7 is hit super fast the wheel and proc more damage. You can change it for Kabba1 or anything else if you want.

2- Cl2, Kriv1, Palla3, Kabba or PD, Inqui. PD if you are Cl1 Krv2. This build was supposed to be SPR but a fix bug in Zalcai in Korea dont leting reduce the crit resistance under zero kills this builds. It will work as support adding crit rate to party but not to you.
Note: If you are full SPR is easy to add 50 or 65% crit % to a party, but considering the cap on crit % is 85%, is that usefull? Normally archers have enought crit rate for themselfs, maybe now that Swordies are the new meta, it can be usefull to a party with swordies, but not sure.

Why Paladin with Inquisitor?
Wheel spread Conviction debuff. And you can spam Smite on Wheel too. And finally paladin is usefull if you wanted that class.

I was watching some KR Inquisitor videos and found several hidden mechanics making Cl2, Diev1, Palla3, Monk, Inquisitor really strong build but i dunno if bugs that will be fixed or sinergies:

  1. Conviction double God Smash damage

  2. Breaking Wheel double procing Toy Hammer and can be buffed by Malleus Maleficarum

Does anyone knows about those or any other hidden mechanics of iniquisitor?


both interaction seems to be really good for inquisitor, but right now i think is a little risk to try to build a character around it, since they have more or less fix the jp+mm interaction, and fixed toy hammer interaction with extra hits from atk as well, so there is nothing saying that they will not fix those new ones as well.
but this new interaction with conviction really makes pala-inqui gain more damage than the monk build, since monk only have the 50% extra strike damage from rank2, where pally got a full 100%, even if it is with one skill only.

I am too wondering how will inquisitor fair with Int build clerics with Diev3 in their builds. If carve owl damage is splashed with breaking wheel, is the splashed damage Int based or str based?

How about the fire attribute from using skills? Int based too?

Sorry for (maybe) having the same opinion as anyone above

I myself rolling Cleric 2 > Diev 1 > Paladin 3 > Kabbalist > Inquisitor
Stat will be 100CON, rest to DEX

Why Kabbalist at rank 7? Because Free SP from ein of sof+attribute :slight_smile:
Inquisitor makes Physical Cleric (FINNALY) can compete (not winning) with other Class Physical Dealer (Swords and Archer) , but with a cost. High SP Cost, If you count, to spam smite+convic+godsmash and just some other skill (like…Healing, your main duty lol), you can consume about 2000-3000 SP per minute, and I cant see how SP potion will be “cost efficient” with that high usage, so I think you can lose some damage from monk for more sustainable damage + A liite bit support (R7F) :slight_smile:

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main str/dex base build

cleric2 diev2 monk3 inquisitor
cleric2 diev1 paladin3 any(doctor most fit) inquisitor

spr support paladin cleric2 krivis1 pala3 not fit inquisitor too much but fine

how about these? you see any reason to avoid them?
cleric2 priest1 paladin3 any iniquisitor
cleric1 priest2 paladin3 any iniquisitor

Full SPR Cleric 2 > Krivis 1 is dead by now, since IMC fixed Zalciai, Zalciai will not reduce Crit Resist below Zero anymore, so Zalciai is kinda useless for yourself now ._,

do I need to pump Dex for Paladin - Inquisitor build? or do I need some Str too?

Pump DEX all day :slight_smile:

"It is not until after 6390 total attack that pure DEX will become the highest dps."
That actually for swordsman and archer, but you count cleric case the same as swordsman because we dont have crit bonus from level like swords

As you can see all Inquisitor Skill will reach those 6.4k Damage easily and makes DEX more benefical than STR, so you should go full DEX with some CON

Well… That is a little inaccurate. It was for a specific spreadsheet that had a small error in it. Also, it’s for the level 280 level cap.

Either way, It’s more closer to 4000 for swordies and clerics for 100% crit rate at level 280. I don’t know the value for level 330 because I haven’t bothered with it.

Paladin3 Conviction + Godsmash = double God Smash damage:

Video Godmash with Conviction - 40k dmg, 60k crit:

Without conviction - 20k dmg, 30k crit:

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i was thinking cleric 2 priest 2 pala 3 inquisitor
80 points in con (105) 75 in spr (100) rest dex (221) could this be a good build?

the support from priest revive and mass heal realy speak to me aswel as lvl 10 aspersion 1 mons (dex) 5 resurrect etc

It looks nice.
Are you sure you don’t want blessing lvl 10? It adds some nice damage during your leveling of priest 2/3-cleric2. It is a decent party-damage booster at early levels. You could drop aspersion to 3/10 and get 10/10 blessing, if you prefer.

You may also save some points from Inquisitor rank1 if you will go inqui rank2.

if you are going for spr (100) would be best to sacrifice priest 2 for krivis1, since zalciei would still give a extra 110 critical rate, since many mobs at end game have a critical resistance close to 100 and the highest seems to have 130, so having krivis 1 would be like a 100 critical rate for pt and you.
losing mass heal,may be bad, but in the end would be if you prefer damage or supp, but one thing i’m sure, if you are going for mass heal (priest2) would be better to sacrifice those spr, because even at end game, many players are having 1k-1,5k m.ATK and the new base damage from skills as well, would make those 200 magic defense having fair little effect, even more since you could put those points in con for example to benefits more from mass heal.

yea i like the idea of support (cleric path afterall) altho krivis 1 aint a bad idea either
the spr was more for the sp pool and regeneration (barrier and turn undead have a lite scaling with it aswell so does heal/mass heal and deproteckt )
paladin is skill spam heavy so having a decent sp pool seems nice to me