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IDEA: Silver awards for EVERY raid

As per title. Why not give silver after the end of every raid.
And I mean every raid (ET, Velco, Auto raids), to alleviate the silver nerf that’s plaguing our economy at the moment.
Let’s face it. The economy is fudged. High supply, high demand, low spending.
Unless you’re in the YN or GS.

Just a thought from me.

And I still firmly believe that the silver nerf has killed a ton of players off the game. And also the fun and feeling of accomplishment of getting rewarded after runnning a cm or ds.

maybe give it a thought? the economy is in shambles (telsiai)
And new players run away as soon as they realize the amount of no-life grind they have to do to progress.
@GM_Francis @gmt16 @gmessier98 @gmazza23

Or hell, at least come up with something that can help us players farm silver with less frustration.

fun fact Velco used to give like 1m per run back in pre Skiaclipse era which make it worth it to drag your ass out and do 5 runs per week (or was it 3?) with each run take like 10-15m.


See! If they bring it back, it can help newcomers and everyone else from avoiding to mindlessly slave away in Unknown Sanc.

Btw outside of farming silver for brikynite

My guy, silver is used for a plethora of things. not just briks.

I do agree putting back silver on the field (or anywhere please!), at least we can get some income while doing dailies.
IMC just doesnt care to actually make any effort to combat botters. Just lackluster report button which works 0% of the time.

And so here we are, broke af of a very crucial currency.