Hundreds of macros at sausy to valandis91


There r more than 50 macros from sausy 10 to valandis 91. Is any one at this game doing any work to control this problem? Since it take me 2 minutos to discover 50 macros i think there is not so hard to Staff to did it. CAN U WORK OVER THIS ???

Cause i have weeks walking this maps and the same macros r there farming billions. THERE R any CHANCE THAT WE HAVE SOMEONE WORK OVER THIS? I SUPPOUST U DONT GOING TO ASK ME TO SPEND DAYS UPLOADING VIDEOS SO U DONT NEED TO DO ANY RIGHT ? @Staff I suppoust u can use ur fcking brain them fix the problem if u have one.



It’s gaming gear macro not bot


so what’s the difference?