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How to give Peltasta PvE Identity

During re:build Peltasta was stripped of many skills and had its buffs completely reworked. As of right now Peltasta is just a PVP self-buff bot for survivability. Even with the increased SFR coming to some of its skills it still feels like a class that lacks identity and doesn’t offer much other than pvp survivability. I feel it is an easy fix to make Peltasta feel more unique and have uses even outside of just PvP.

High Guard Buff
The new changes to the to the high guard buff lacks any real value. Generally in pve peltasta is already exponentially more tanky than any other class in the game therefore having more defense at cost of loss of damage is meaningless and even detrimental. With the recent announcement that IMC plans to become more casual it makes even more of a point that more defense in pve will not be needed. This buff is also greatly nerfed in PvP making it of very limited use if any. I cannot think of any good reasons to use this skill in pve or pvp.

Proposed change:
Make the High Guard buff a damage return to the enemy either when the peltasta is struck and/or on block. This goes with the whole theme of being a tank and being rewarded for getting enemies to attack you. This gives the class a little more identity and a skill that would stand out from the crowd. This also has real value in both pvp and pve.

Bring back Umbo Thrust
Umbo Thrust was a pre-rebuild shield attack that also debuffed enemies hit by reducing their defense. I feel like this skill can give the class back some usable skills that have a purpose. It also fits the Peltasta identity/theme of being a tank because it adds a group based benefit. You make up for your lack of DPS by improving your parties DPS via defense debuff. Why shouldn’t Peltasta be a benefit to a group? Tank roles are meant to be in groups.

Bring back Butterfly
What can I say about this one? It’s a fan favorite from pre-rebuild. Its essentially a weaker version of rodelero’s shooting star. Why should Peltasta lack flavor and fun skills?? This will serve as more variety in a very deficient skill tree especially one lacking attack skills that you use on a frequent basis.

Remove Rim Blow
With the additions of the previous attack skills there is really no reason to keep this skill in the game. The animation is very lackluster and the skill is no fun to use.


Here, here. I miss these skills.

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I miss the Umbo Blow Knock Back. It was really satisfactory to see your enemies fly into the sky and bounce on the floor.

And I still think the old high guard was helping more than this new one, i m with more than 1k block, see block a LOT and the shield just pop here and there and because you don’t block while the shield is up it simply goes away immediately.

I still think Hard shield was unnecessary after rebuild.

i miss throw shield actually losing a shield . It was a counter against disarm at the expense of defence but you retain block .