How to end a quest With the Place full of afk / MACROS?



Like u see on img i have more than 10 minutes trying to kill 10 creatures in the area to end the quest. The problem is each channel have 3 or 4 afk macro bokors.

So how the fck i should end the quest? with this shet around? Same problem at dina bee and plenty other maps. That quest r blocked by this problem


Buy a monster album in market and summon a boss to get rid of the afkers.


now can open in dungeon field? :hey:


I guess you can’t, at least in HG which used to have same rules you can’t

edit: they have to get rid of those necros btw. It doesn’t take much, a single night walking around a few maps and you easily ban 10+ people automating actions. It’s not only being afk


i have more than 30 players reported. Just from sausy 10 to valandis 91 that r filled every channel and map. Wish the @STAFF_Bob did something around this. But by the experience we have. Sadly they dont going to control a shet about this. Since in 5 minutos u can clean the server from macro/bots just with a person walking in game.

But no they expect to players spend hours uploading videos insted of playing to do their works also they didnt care a shet about it. Is so easy to recognize a macro user. Sure if u try to fix the problem or control the users. for sure is so hard to fight with them i u do nothing about and r waiting to users spend their lifes doing their jobs


Yeah, I farm in Baubas Cave and I see a lot of people with scripts everyday. A bunch of them with their main accounts, other with obvious alternate accounts (“afkfarmerxx…”). The big thing is that many of them had expensive summon cards and some even had velcoffer equipment and were from well known guilds. Banning those would have a huge impact.

Again, I’m on Silute, I assume the same would be valid for all servers. A single night per month, that can’t be too much to ask for…


Yes Im on Klaipeda and is the same problem. people just leave their macro/ bots in game. And @STAFF_Ines @STAFF_Yuri @STAFF_Bob @STAFF_Amy @STAFF_Letitia @STAFF_Ethan didnt show their faces at all or do something about this. I suppoust this game have no rulz over what u can do in game. And they allowing bots and macros since they doing nothing against them. I Have weeks waiting for the answer of one of this idiots named @staff but there was nothing. Mayba cause they dont give a fck about the problem or the game. Since there r idiots giving money to this company anyway. I wish there was 30 days where no one buys tp to see if they move their asses and fix the tons of problems the game have


Those sausys bots are definitely from gold sellers, they even teleport between spots and auto channel switch. IMC please handle these.