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How to Create party and join in gemstone feud?

Date and Time(Please, specify the timezone) :23/05/2020 08:10-08:45 am sv time

Server Name:Telsiai

Bug Description : Somebody can create party and join same party in gemstone feud ?

Steps to reproduce the issue :

  1. tell me about how to create party and join in gemstone feud

Screenshots / Video :

i also want to play with party for support my friend and guildmate
pls tell me about how to do i just newbie guy dont know everything

@min191199 ask your friend to create party and not join gemstone , that is easy to do this. i remember someone do that before in Telsiai like guild YN.
inside gem field cannot create party but outside can. this is not a bug or hack to do it. If you have FRIENDS you should know that.
@STAFF_Bob @STAFF_Yuri someone report that like half years before. when ART system arrive with ART BUGS. but IMC did not do anything about it.