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[GUIDE] What are guilds? [v2.06] - Guild News Added & New Repeatable Quest Debunked


Sure no problem!

One way to reduce any potential miscommunication is to ensure that the original planter is back when the seeds are ready for harvest. Or otherwise if you have a guild discord you can merely update there whos seeds are those for.

Although this doesn’t entirely limit the possibility of a miscommunication between one another, it may possibly reduce it.


You know if the transfer leadership is working on iTOS? because i cant do this!


Make sure to be in guild hangout and remove guildmates add on if you have that placed in. It should work afterwards.


Im doing this, is needed to get tower guild lvl 5?


not that i’m aware of, currently the step to do this is to ensure both you as the leader and the person to transfer are in the hangout,

additionally, open the guild page, right click on the character and the transfer guild leadership should be there.

do make sure the person that you’re transferring the guild to is also a templar as well.


got it, the server crashes was the fault ;(


hoping they will someday make templar usefull in battles.


Well currently c2 Templar provides utility for everyone at the moment where you can get guild forges and also shield charge which are useful in GvG.

C3 may tend to extend this further though.

Assuming forge becomes level 10 and you have 10 forges, everyone in the guild gets a whooping 1110 physical attack boost for 24 hours. That’s nearly the average physical attack of a normal item right now.


Hi @ToiletMaster

can you add in the section: Guild Dungeons, how do you get more tickets? i think adding how you get more tickets or when they are available again could be a bit info to add and avoid this question again in a future. hope this isnt a problem.

Many thanks again for much info you added here


Hey Dark Lord Miguel, thank you for the recommendation. Let me edit the post once I’m able to and fill in that info.


Yeah but you dont need to have a templar in battle to get that.


In battle nope, but you still need C2 Templar in order to do so.


But a leader must lead the guild on battle, i hope less administrative lead and more battle lead on C3.


Let’s hope so too. However do take note that just being a guild leader is overwhelming enough.

Sometimes there are certain tasks that people may do better than you sometimes and it’s important that you take note of these key individuals.

I for one am horrible in the pvp aspects and would highly prefer is someone gives me a task to execute it instead.


Sure but for full pvp guilds have a leader who can do more than just administrative tasks is very good.
100% of templars who wanto go to gvg is in a horrible situation.


@ToiletMaster :scream: so you is the owner of this awesome article.
never expected that.
And your name is quite different haha, I had to remember.


Yeah haha, well I’m glad that the article has helped you out. That’s the satisfaction I get from doing it to see everyone benefit from this.

Well I’m still working out on the GvG aspect on this at the moment. Once I finish this portion then I should be able to cover most functionality of the guild wise.


Completed the guild raid Demons Revolt {Aqueduct Bridge Area} it dropped 1 forge.


Hi there @Plasmagica

Thanks for sharing this information! I’m guessing since it only drops one item. Possibly the raid isn’t worth doing compared to the hard boss kills. They drop several items at once including multiple forges, shield charges and etc.

Can I however confirm whether if it’s the recipe forge? Or the fully crafted item?


What’s an Academy? Someone can explain?