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[GUIDE] What are guilds? [v2.06] - Guild News Added & New Repeatable Quest Debunked


The map has 3 obelisks in it, according to the NPCs, we need to destroyed both 3 obelisks at same/near death time so it wont revive. Maybe successfully destroying the obelisks, will remove the super powerful buffs the mobs have.

The issue is, there’s one obelisk on the bottom right part that cant be accessed. Anyone know how to goes there?


Isn’t there a ride for it? Otherwise, kino/templar.


Normal Mishekan map has mechanics (lift/elevator) to get there

Raid Mishekan map dont have, tried Kino, it doesnt work.
Maybe there’s a step to trigger the mechanics, coz a single kino wont be able to destroy obelisk (200M+ HP)


FYI, exp from guild mission raid lv18 equals to 1,428 talts.

After completed 4 runs, rewards seem same with the guild mission raid lv.15 with higher amount. Will update again, if have more information.


Hey DW,

Thanks for the update! This is really helpful. Would you happen to know how many boxes you’ve received in total?

I’ll add this into the 2nd post.




And how do you finish the guild level 18? what is your tactic?


just bring much dps as u can…


Total cube received = 8 ea not included other rare drops


Gotcha thanks! i’ll update this into the sheet thanks for the info!

edit - added the drop loot tables for the boxes you get in guild events, if we missed any, please let me know to add it in.


Any guides to Lv.18 Raid?
What are we supposed to do to Spawn the boss


kill all the portals and kill the 3 side bosses that spawn the portals


To each group of 5 portals that you destroy a boss is born, that, when dead, completes the sixth portal. To complete the mission you have to kill the 3 bosses. We did so after 3 attempts and it worked.


we did it via the brute force method of ignoring the obelisks today, was pretty successfull.
13mins on timer left when we finished it.

its literally just you kill 15 portals and 3 bosses.

when you kill an area’s 5 portals, an additional portal will appear and spawn a boss. this specific portal is untargetable and invulnerable. to destroy it, you need to kill the boss and it will explode after.

Therefore you only need to kill 15(real) portals and 3(boss) portals.

then the raid ends.

we only got guild mission cubes from that though. which give nothing much


There’s still the question of the gimmicks of using the bombs on the obelisks.

Each mob has a poison on each hit debuff, and also to mitigate 50% damage dealt to them. Destroying the obelisks should remove those buffs


But the third obelisck its not acessible. We make it without destroy them.


hey guys, recently we’ve just tested out guild quest, and now you’re able to obtain these items on a weekly basis that resets on Monday 6am server time.

  • 5000 Attribute points
  • 1 Miracle Seed
  • 1 Goddess Status

We’ve tested a few times and got the hang of it on how it works. This is a great incentive now for doing Guild Quests regardless of any level.

I’ve created a short sample below on how it works.

In addition, all bosses have reduced HP now. We’ve tested Pantorex which had 1 billion HP before Re:Build, it is currently sitting at 46m HP now. However missions like Mishekan Forest had certain elements nerfed, such as the portals hp sitting at only 5m HP as opposed to 230m hp per portal.

However the monsters that spawn are still having 2million hp and hits extremely hard. Personally, i feel it is harder to defend now in mishekan forest as we were quickly overwhelmed by monster spawns alone.