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[Guide/Video] Leveling with important quests


Hello, this guide will teach you how to level up with important quests, getting all the optional status points(which you can freely allocate), all Revelations (as consequence, unlock legend card slot), and more.
As a complement for the guide, I made a video playthrough, with a new account (team level 0), to show that new players can do it, and without booster pack for new/returning savior, showing that old players can do as well.
If you are a new player, dont forget to get your booster pack from the Notice board in Klaipeda / Orsha, helps a lot.

-What I will not cover here, are quest that give fixed status points(for example DEX +1).

Overall tips:

  • Pardoner buffs are essential in early levels (buy them from other players in Cities). ss1
  • Zemyna Statues can be found in some maps, found them to get 1 optional status point for each one.
  • Wings of Vaivora (NPC in Klaipeda/Orsha) gives a lot of nice things, see about it in the end of guide.
  • Use exp cards to improve your exp earning (you get them completing quests and from Vaivora).
  • Between Lv 330 - 360, the Lv 330 dg (entrance in Klaipeda) gives a good amount of Silver, you can stop in these levels to make some money per day.
  • Get your daily reward from Attendance check. Verify lastest attendance rewards here: (May have same rewards of April)

A little clarification:
Main quests: yellow ones ss1
Side quests: blue ones ss2

So after all of that said, lets start.


The begin part is one of most extensive, all of these quests are sequential.
Start in West Siauliai Woods, you can do quests here or not (the only map not necessary), but I like to arrive in klaipeda with first class chosen, also this map have a Zemyna statue.
From Klaipeda start the main quest with Templar master, follow the story line doing main quests, until you arrive Miners Village, here has another Zemyna.
Continue the quests to Crystal Mines, in the end receive Crystal Mines Revelation (after showing to Bokor Master) + 3 optional status points.
After that, quests will lead you to Tenet Church, one of them gives Lv 40 equipment boxes, complete to get Tenet Church Revelation + 3 optional status points.
Now is Goddess Saule story line, you will do quests in a lot of maps to finally get Kvailas Forest Revelation + 3 optional status points.
Tips: When you have money to buy pardoner buffs get them, (at least 1600 silver to buy blessing + sacrament)
Speak with Saule can be hard, use keyboard mode and jump into her cage.


  • 3 Revelations (Crystal Mine, Tenet Church, Kvailas Forest)
  • 11 optional status points (9 from revelation quests + 2 Zemyna)
  • Lv 40 equipment
  • Vaivora reward(get from Wings of Vaivora in Klaipeda/Orsha): Silver Anvil(14 days),
    Multiply Token(14 days) x2

Lv 1 to 68.

Royal Mausoleum (Minimum Lv 43)

Start in Rukas Plateau with Rexipher, follow the main quest line, stop in Zachariel Crossroads, go to Stele Road and save warp, back to Zachariel get another Zemyna and continue the quest through Royal Mausoleum to receive Royal Mausoleum Revelation + 3 optional status points.


  • Royal Mausoleum Revelation
  • 4 optional status points (3 from quest + 1 Zemyna)
  • Vaivora: Silver anvil(14 days)

Lv 68 to 84.

The way to Fedimian (Minimum Lv 66)

Now, starting from Stele Road we have a lot of quest that give optional status points, them are:
Stele Road - Raymond side quest (Protect the Heritage), only 2 parts and give 1 optional status point.
Stele Road - Treasure Hunter Eden, do 2 main quests from him, to unlock another one, finish to get + 1 optional status point.
Follow to Goddess Ancient Garden, save the warp here, do main quests to get another optional status point.
Escanciu Village next, is the same, just do the main quest (+ 1 optional status point.).
Finish in Fedimian Suburbs, do Coben’s main quest, gives Lv 120 equipment boxes and 1 optional status point(“Zubeck’s Secret Moves” item, use from inventory).


  • 5 optional status points
  • Lv 120 equipment

Lv 84 to 103.

Goddess Lada (Minimum Lv 62)

Another quest next to Fedimian, start in Bellai Rainforest, follow main quest line to receive another Lv 120 equipment boxes + 3 optional status point.


  • 3 optional status points
  • Lv 120 equipment

Lv 103 to 111.

Mage Tower (Minimum Lv 83)

Start in Fedimian with Grita, just follow main quest as usual.


  • Mage Tower Revelation
  • 4 optional status points(one of them from “Status Increase Potion”)
  • Vaivora: Skill Reset Potion(14 days)

Lv 111 to 125.

Great Cathedral (Minimum Lv 107)

Another straightforward quest, starting in Main Building.
Tip: Enable all graphic options to see the candlesticks puzzles.


  • Great Cathedral Revelation
  • 4 optional status points(one of them from “Status Increase Potion”)

Lv 125 to 151.

Demon Prison (Minimum Lv 121)

This quest line is not necessary, you can simply grind some levels(demon prison 2F is very nice for grind). But I made this guide for leveling only with quests, so this is for who dont want grind and enjoy some lore. Start in Aqueduct Bridge Area(main quest).


  • Vaivora: Multiply Token (14 days) x 2

Lv 151 to 175.

Goddess Austeja (Minimum Lv 130)

This is only for equipment upgrade. Start main quest in Dina Bee Farm, complete to get equipment boxes.


  • Lv 170 equipment

Lv 175 to 184.

Sentry Bailey (Minimum Lv 170)

Start in Inner Enceinte District, talk to Grave Robber Amanda, near her has another Zemyna, follow main quest to Sentry Bailey. In the end get the Revelation and Lv 220 equipment boxes.


  • 1 optional status point(Zemyna)
  • Fortress of Land Revelation
  • Lv 220 equipment
  • Vaivora: Status Reset Potion(14 days)

Lv 184 to 212.

Alemeth to Igti Coast (Minimum Lv 205 for Igti)

Now, you can grind instead of doing Alemeth/Barha Forest/Cranto Coast quest lines, but Igti Coast quests are necessary for later(to unlock Zeteor quests, that we will do around Lv 300). Start in Alemeth, follow to Barha, Cranto and finish in Igti or just do only Igti quests(dont need previous maps).

Lv 212 to 229.

Kalejimas (Minimum Lv 229)

Another Revelation quest, start in Kalejimas Visiting Room, talk to the Spiritual voice. Complete to claim your reward.


  • Kalejimas Revelation
  • 3 optional status points
  • Vaivora: Multiply token(14 days) x2

Lv 229 to 255.

Tevhrin Cave (MinimumLv 257)

Another quest just for exp and lore. Start in Khonot Forest with Kupole Medena(Need the Beginning part done first, because will need to speak with Goddess Saule in some moment).
If you need some exp to get 257, do Khonot Forest quests first(Lv 248).
Tip: In the final battle with Ghesti she can HK you, so take caution (Maybe a very hard battle for melee classes).

Lv 255 to 280.

Equipment upgrade?!

As the last equipment boxes given by quest is Lv 220, maybe is time to buy some Lv 270 equipments or wait to buy Lv 315 ones. New accounts that arent 7 days old, dont need to worry with the trade restrict, the weapon given by booster pack is very good for now and you also get a Masinios + 11 T5 from 12 days of Attendance check.

Back in Time (Minimum Lv 278)

This quest is to unlock Library Raid(Lv 330), and will give a good amount of exp if you are around Lv 280. Start in Stele Road with Chronomancer Master.
Tip: Caution with the boss battle, another one that deal a lot of damage.

Lv 280 to 291.

Zeteor/Iotheo/Epherotao Coast (Minimum Lv 297)

Quest line that gives optional status points. If you need exp to get 297, do Phamer Forest quests first(Lv 280). Start in Zeteor Coast with Revelator Pudhin(Need Igti Coast quests complete).


  • 2 optional status points.

Lv 291 to 319

First Practonium quest (Minimum Lv 297)

First quest that gives Practonium, go to Mishekan Forest and complete the quest line, after that you need to talk with all NPCs of Mishekan Forest until get 2 different dialogues from each one, now if you made it right, talk to Curtis and he will send you to klaipeda. Talk to Templar Master and comeback to Curtis.


  • 1 Practonium

Lv 319 to 322.

Sausys (Minimum Lv 305)

Main quest, start with Neringa in Nobreer Forest. This quest line dont give a Revelation, but after complete it, if you already got all previous Revelations, you can unlock your Legend Card slot by interacting with Klaipeda Goddess Statue.
Tip: In Valandis room 91 to pass the floating stones bridge you need to jump precisely, do it slowly! (


  • 3 optional status points

Lv 322 to 343.

Narvas Temple (Minimum Lv 318)

Long quest, but gives 1 optional stat point, start in Tekel Shelter following the dog. Has a Zemyna around the start area.
Tips: To disable the Detector System in Izoliacjia Plateau, you need to disable all Auxiliary Devices fast, note in your buff bar the time of each device, you need to get all 5 “buffs” at same time.
Narvas Temple password is something about the Narvas Temple construction. :wink:


  • 2 optional stat points (1 quest, 1 Zemyna)

Lv 343 to 352.

Astral Tower (Minimum Lv 332)

Probably the most extensive quest line, we have some puzzles to do, but not much to say here, start in Barynwell 85 Waters(main quest) and make all the way to the last floor of Astral Tower. Dont forget the Zemyna in Barynwell 86.


  • Astral Tower Revelation
  • 4 optional status points (3 quest, 1 Zemyna)

Lv 352 to 370.

Second Practonium Quest (Minimum Lv 341)

Much more simple than the first prac quest. Start in Baltinel Memorial and continue helping the Kupoles until you get 2 Practoniums. Zemyna Statue in Baltinel.


  • 1 optional status points(Zemyna)
  • 2 Practoniums

Lv 370 to 375.

Starry Town (Minimum Lv 351)

Quest to unlock Wastrel Raid(Lv 380), just do Owynia Dilben quests in Starry Town.

Lv 375 to 377.

Feline / Spell Tome Town (Minimum Lv 354)

After Starry town quests, if you want a little more exp, continue the quests through Feline and Spell Tome.

Lv 377 to 381.

Pajauta (Minimum Lv 360)

Go help Pajauta in Fedimian, to get Lv 380 equipment. This quest is very simple, just use quest warp to go where Pajuta says, help her kill some mobs.
You dont receive exp here, only 9 x Lv 15 Exp cards.


  • Lv 380 equipments (Including weapons +11 T3)
  • 3 x 1000 Attribute Points

Lv 381.

In the end of all that I got Lv 381, all revelations and 47 optional status points (only 5 missing from Zemyna statues, see all locations bellow).

–>Ep. 11 quests soon


All Goddess Zemyna Statue locations:

West Siauliai Woods


Miners Village


Lemprasa Pond*

Royal Mausoleum Constructors Chapel*

This one need to do a gimmick to unlock Zemyna room.

Zachariel Crossroads

Inner Enceinte District


Saknis Plains*

Tekel Shelter

Lanko 22 Waters*

Nazarene Tower*


Barynwell 86 Waters


Baltinel Memorial

*Not in guide route.

The most usefull NPC for new characters: Wings of Vaivora

  • View Adventure Journal: let you take your growth/exploration rewards from the journal (F4 in game to look). Attention: you only get each reward 1 TIME PER TEAM!
  • Share stories of adventure: get extra exp cards for 100% exploration of maps, cards can be retrieve by all of your characters, does not matter what character made the exploration.
  • Reached the third class advancement: after you get your third class, this option gives “Pioneering Savior” title. Can be done by all characters.
  • Let me tell you about my journey: gives extra rewards for specific quests complete. Can be done by all characters. Attention that rewards are most 14 days timed, only take it when you need. Rewards list:
    • Alarm Installation (2): Emergency Repair Kit x3, Basic Warp Scroll x3
    • Dead of the Dead (4): Emergency Repair Kit x4
    • For the Guidance of Souls: Basic Warp Scroll x4
    • Goddess Gabija: Skill Reset Potion (14 Days) x1
    • Incident on Triple-Layered Castle Wall (2): Silver Anvil (14 Days) x1
    • Mysterious Slate (2): Silver Anvil (14 Days) x1
    • Revelation of Fortress of the Land: Stat Reset Potion (14 Days) x1
    • The Demons’ Goals: Emergency Repair Kit x2, Basic Warp Scroll x2
    • The Dimensional Crack (7): Instanced Dungeon Multiply Token (14 Days) x2
    • The Hidden Sanctum’s Revelation (1): Instanced Dungeon Multiply Token (14 Days) x2
    • The King of the Great Humans: Silver Anvil (14 Days) x1
    • The Revelation of Kalejimas: Instanced Dungeon Multiply Token (14 Days) x2
    • This is Only the Beginning: Emergency Repair Kit x2, Basic Warp Scroll x2
    • Wandering Spirits (2): Silver Anvil (14 Days) x1
  • Share quest progress… : Unlock some warps based on what quests you done. Can be done by all characters.
  • Vaivora coin shop: a shop to buy items with vaivora coins that you get by daily attendance check (you only get few coins per month).

Great guide! Thanks for making this it’ll really help new players.

Btw I know you said it’s intended for used without the newbie booster pack from notice board, but I think it’s still good to put that in the Beginning part, so newbie can still grab the booster, it’s free anyway. The exp tomes can be useful later on.

Thanks for reply, I thought it was clear, that I just did not get the package because of the guide.
Will add that :haha:

Note: in the beginning, you can also do the “parallel arc” (ex-Orsha start) starting in Lemprasa Pond and ending in Fedimian; you can get exactly the same rewards as for the “normal arc” (Klaipeda start), including some extra Status Points.

I pretty sure, that the only missing extra stat from this “parallel arc” in comparison with guide route, is the Lemprasa Pound Zemyna, that I will cover missing Zemynas later.
I do like Orsha arc more than Klaipeda, but no great rewards :sad:

Little improvements added to enter in “GUIDE MASTER” contest :haha:

this is the greatest guide on this forum, I hope it get’s updated some time soon

I have completed all quests at Igti Coast but i couldn’t find any main quest at Zeteor Coast.
Please help.