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Guide to Fencer / Doppel / Bullet Marker [PVE]

Don’t really want to make a separate thread for this and don’t know where else I would post it, so just going to put it here.

So I found something really interesting about preparation that can make it useful as a defensive skill. I already skill reset and now have 5 points in it and it’s working beautifully for the situations I can find it useful for.

If you’re wearing a shield, your block just gets multiplied. This is pretty bad and holding down C is much more effective.

However, if you’re wearing a dagger (or In guess anything that’s not a shield?) The preparation block chance becomes your actual chance to block (or so it seems with my testing). This means with lv 5 you have 85% overall chance to block incoming attacks. 90% with divine might.

This makes it pretty much a hold this down and become invincible for its duration skill. Especially if you already have high evasion that gets calculated first.

Another reason why fencer 2 is pretty sweet I guess

I don’t think I see any reason to use it still, I’d rather kite around or something.

And save the points for fencer c3, but if it’s bad of course points go into whatever, lol.

It’s good for bossing with other people if you don’t want to move the boss around, that’s what I’ve been using it for

If it’s something like saalus or fedimian mission, I can hold boss position safely without turning it around still, for others I’m not sure yet.

Alright random question but does anyone know where to get superior bandit pants/armor/ recipe

I will have to test this myself, have a high str/low con SW3, HL1 soon at HL2.
According to this guy:

It’s the same bonus as Cleave on Stunned, which in my limited Barb2 experience comes out quite massive.

Perhaps these 200 damage is before all modifiers like armor and such, and this is why 200 damage makes such a difference, but I will just have to try it i suppose :slight_smile:

EDIT: Actually, scratch that, i may be drunk, misread…

Pommel Beat :
+200 on Stunned status

Cleave :
+150% on Stunned status


Btw, which gem does Hop high Str use? Green?

need advice :
i currently have a swd > pel > barb2 > corsair and i will hit c6 soon.

this character is however not my main and i pretty much just level her with daily missions and dungeons. although i do play her sometimes when i feel like it or needed a change of pace (mainly clearing her backlogged quests).

is it better if i go corsair 2 then fencer or fencer then corsair 2? i got a venier recipe and i can craft it pretty soon after some shopping.

You can go Fencer right away at rank 6. Corsair 2 only offer Hexen Dropper unless you are looking for more skills for better rotation

You also get DWA, better Jolly Roger. hexen Dropper is probably one of the best skills Swordies have.

Also, since IMC finally released some info on rank 8 Wizard classes, I expect to know something about Fencer 3 in near future. Hopefully it’s really good!

360 degree aoe pierce skill /TheDream/


I’ll settle for any kind of AoE, although 360 would be the dream. Also something that scales with Dex would be amazing.

something like league of legends Old Fiora Ultimate would be pretty cool

i wonder if fen3 will get another 0cd strike skill.

I was thinking of Fiora as well. Couldn’t remember what her abilities did anymore through. :slight_smile:

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thanks for the answers.

i was going to go corsair2 first exactly because i wanted hexen and better jolly. and then i got venier recipe while playing with my main… so eh… so with venier in hand i figured going fencer first will give me better powerspike then?

I was reading carefully that formula for some time.
And that 200 damage isn’t a flat damage, but a flat attack added to your base attack.
So, if you have 450-630 base attack when press C using pommel or double slash will add 200 there = 650-830. It’s almost like have frenzy lv7 stacked 12 times(204 attack) for that skill.

In that formula you can see pommel and double slash as an Attack modifier, so we can assume it works that way.

Edit: Thats why double slash does a good amount of damage. But if we compare double slash and skyliner when enemies is bleeding, skyliner does much more damage.

I wish bro. I really do. Though the enchanter rank 8 can now sell Joint Penalty so I’m excited about that.

if enchanter can sell pass, hexen dropper spam incoming -.-

Even high/full dex would use green. Green always no matter what (Unless you can miraculously reach crit rate cap without them which is currently impossible)