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Guide to Fencer / Doppel / Bullet Marker [PVE]

ellaganos or glass moles

I hate glass moles so I’m always using ellaganos

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problem for me is glass mole and using sp potion only 12 sec more dmg ._.

it’s still very strong for bursting and when you are in parties

but I still don’t like them personally so I went with 8 ellas

Any known calculation/computation and duration (any info actually) for Epee Garde?

“While giving up the physical defense of the equipped shield, the crit attack gets increased for piercing attacks.”

Is this correct?

LV.1 cooldown 45s effect duration 18s increases crit dmg 20%
LV.2 cooldown 45s effect duration 21s increases crit dmg 40%
LV.3 cooldown 45s effect duration 24s increases crit dmg 60%
LV.4 cooldown 45s effect duration 27s increases crit dmg 80%
LV.5 cooldown 45s effect duration 30s increases crit dmg 100% (normal)
LV.6 cooldown 45s effect duration 33s increases crit dmg 120% (divine mite)
LV.7 cooldown 45s effect duration 36s increases crit dmg 140% (venier)
LV.8 cooldown 45s effect duration 39s increases crit dmg 160% (venier + divine mite)

Follow up question:

Is there an ani-cancel (animation cancel) combo for Fencer skills/attacks? It seems that can be spam twice per second with low latency/ping. Just wondering if there are other skill tricks for fencer like animation-cancel for faster/more dps.

For calculation read up: [Damage Guide] The big formula, modifier types, and how they interact!

You mean animation cancellin like this?

or you mean the lunge and/or composse animation cancelling? Toucher you can do too but the damage doesn’t go through most of the time if you follow up with another skill.

It’s not a big deal, don’t gimp your DPS just for Swash Buckling. Those days when Swordies were only good for being taunt slaves are long gone.

which build is the most well-rounded right now for dopp?

Hey @Sensate I think the video is what I’ve been looking for.

Can you let me know what was the skill and the technique he used?

*If there is a ani-cancel for these kills then I would like to know as well. Like a non-stop ani-cancel combo.

  • I would like to know the mechanics for Toucher too.

Thank you! I just miss my ol’ character in Blade and Soul and it’s ani-cancel combo lul.


I decided to go Sw3>HL1>Barb1.

Both lunge and composse got animation cancel. You can only non-stop animation cancel compo if you spam it since it’s 0 CD.

Toucher is like this.

Is Vienie Twin Blade too much better than Magi 2h sword?

So I just need to time lunge and composee ani-cancel based on my own ping then? I believe the vid earlier shows like 3 or more skills right.

Nice , thanks for the vid. Lel that delayed dmg. Is that Kenshin Himura’s technique? So w/in those delayed time I can still input some skills.

If you cast epee and immediately jump, it will cast w/o the annoying animation

Like, for lunge (4 hits), as long as the first hit connect, you can proceed to other fencer skills and the other 3 hits will proc later.

You can always kinda tell. If you press lunge then immediately compo/sept etoiles/etc, it will be smooth. Also goes to compo>other skill.

However, if you go sept first, you will have to finish the animation first before you can go lunge/compo etc.

you’ll understand better what I mean once you play with it a bit.

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Thank god it’s gone. Although I don’t play Fencer (I play catagoon), I almost went with pelt1 while being misinformed.

I gave up playing a physical-dex based cleric. Now enjoying the hell out of cata.

More for krivis slave meta lel.

Ella/ nuaele mix is actually decent since you can cap up to 80% dodge rate at 1.2k~ + 4k mdef

(so it’s still isn’t that bad). Taking 1 damage from magic eliminate all ur magic worries in PVE…

all of them are pretty good actually at the moment.

same mechanics even before the buffs,
barb 3 mainly for ETing or any aoe related work
–ET, casual grinding/farming, self buff being aoe dependent

high 3, bossing, still very good with aoe department due to doppel skills
–Nice for party playing against high defense bosses, provides damage and resist reduction via crown and has lots of active skills that scale

sword 3, PB focused doppel, nothing much here except that you can go full berserk for a long time without getting disturbed. has high potential with upcoming ranks because you would really want to not move too much to manually dodge annoying attacks, this gives you more room to throw all your skills faster

Have you seen the new bracelet + necklace?

Tree of dailies.
I’m excited about the Tree of map/mats farming XD, should’ve picked corsair3(jk) instead. But fencer is <3 hue

thanks for your reply. im thinking of going high3 route

which skills are useful for high3?

Can’t decide between Sw3 or HL3.

I love PB 15, but Crown, Skyliner and Skull Swing looks very useful.

More damage skills or not kissing the ground?