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Guide to Fencer / Doppel / Bullet Marker [PVE]

How much pattack is warcry giving out now against 10 mobs or maxed out warcry?

I’ve dealt 30k once with my Vertical Slash against Canceril (bear in my that Canceril is Plate!)
Every buff adds .3x to the damage formula and Skull Swing gives an additional undisclosed damage bonus.

So, considering a scenario where Skull Swing, Cleave and Lunge debuffs were upon Canceril (I cannot think of anything different, as with this same character I was dealing 6500 on Siauliai. Also, of course, there were tons of other debuffs upon Canceril at that time) it would give this bonus damage (not considering the Plate penalty):

(damage)x1.9x1.5x1.5x(skull bonus)

Hi there, just a bunch of questions

The build I currently am gunning for is

Sword -> Pelt -> Barb 2 -> Corsair -> F3

  1. Some of my friends are convinced that Corsair’s utility is too good to pass up but I’m wondering whether it will beat out something like Pelt 2/Sword 2 or Barb 3?

  2. The original build I was going for was a masochistic evade fencer tank: Sword -> Pelt 2 -> Rod 2 -> F3, with a 1:1 dex:con (dodge everything and con for magic? 2:1 is probably a better distribution) but people talked me out of it saying that the ‘tank’ classes don’t synergyze well with Fencer since the shield is counter productive to its playstyle and I won’t do enough damage to keep aggro. Is it true?

6500 or 65000?
Vertical slash is bugging me

Edit: Got it.

6500, the only debuffs at that time were Crown, Skull Swing and Crosscut’s Bleeding. So:
(damage)x1.9x(skull bonus)

Where skull swing bonus goes?
This thread they didn’t discovered anything

Tks for the test. Skull Swing removes the target’s def altogether in T0

I really don’t know, it is undisclosed - maybe it’s even an irrelevant flat bonus.
ToS needs a comprehensive gigantic database full of codes right now, just like Ragnarok had

Even doesn’t reveal anything, not even about the 30% bonus per debuff.

The worst drawback when you use a shield is the loss of rapier mastery 15% pierce damage bonus.
Corsair is good for disable(jolly roger, dust devil and hook), pelt2 you get high guard but is skippable, don’t take sw2 unless you really like it. Barb3 has the best amplifier(warcry) a fencer will need with your venier low damage.

RO source codes were stolen so early in the beginning, that’s why its database can be completed. Data sniffing is secondary

Still could not do a most acurrated math.
My pa here 578.

I have a Pelt2>Rode>Corsair to be Fencer myself, I don’t post about it here because it is a PVP build.

Originally I was going to do Rode2, but my cousin, who will play alongside me in TBL with a PD, said that between more defense (Slithering) and CC (Hook) he prefered more CC.

Corsair is a safe option for whatever you doing. If you’re going PVP, it’s plainly mandatory.

If you’re solo, Pelta2>Rode2 will be hard because of AOE but mobs pretty much will not have any chance of hitting you (high EVA + million CC from rode). It is actually nice.

But bare in mind that Rodelero is not an 100% solution for magic damage, if that is your only purpose for taking it. Between its 20sec CD you will be at the same boat as everyone against mages.

Concerning Stats, For magic damage, 100 CON is a safe investment. After this number, go ahead an put everything else on DEX and STR. And yes, you need STR for any damage dealing (in my case for some block pen).

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Very hard to do skull swing math haha.
But with the numbers I got in a real scenario(even lower), Barb3 and High3 will do almost the same damage but the main point: skull swing. Barb will have lower damage and hl will do full damage. Maybe when they discover where skull swing additional damage is applied, we will have an acurrated value.

Just roll barb 3 and let someone else skull swing for you then!


The big problem, almost no one wants to play hl 3 hehe.
How much you do with pouncing?

And almost noone parties with a Barb>Fencer and a Highlander together. That scenario would be the case for what Proxied and Lostac keeps saying, where Skull Swing at WB would benefit the competition.

Edit: I still prefer Highlander though, and my rotation now is perfectly adjusted:
Buffs+Flag>Crown>Coquille>Sept>Crosscut>Lunge>Skyliner>Cartar Stroke>Dust Devil

The cooldowns are perfectly synchronized and the rotation has 100% uptime as of now.
But well, I don’t know if Barbarian would be better later then, considering the addition of Composee, Preparation, Fleche, Balestra, Au Fer and even Epee Garde.

What would be the rotation of you Barb3s then?

Still wondering that 126k(252k*3=756k) skyliner.

Where’s this video? ‘-’

Not a fencer, but a doppel.
PS: No skull swing

Told you guys about the hl 2 drama a few weeks ago…
Highlander can’t compete with the new ~400~630 [?] attack Warcry Epee Stance and maybe a few Frenzy stacks when Epee Stance is down and Coquille do the Skull swing job anyway…

Pick Highlander 2 for the love of Skyliner and Cartar Stroke :laughing: or HL 3 for party play and that costume or if you HATE Barbarian as some guys here :scream:.

I think that the math is more interesting for Doppels: Super Warcry + Frenzy + Deeds 15 vs Skull swing + Deeds 15.

How much def the new monsters have? How easy is to get 10 Warcry bonus in the new maps? Stun + Cleave or Bleed + Skyliner? Vertical Slash vs Pouncing, higher Crown uptime vs reliable aoe stuns, which one you prefer?