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Guide to Fencer / Doppel / Bullet Marker [PVE]

You can do it!!!


I’m still torn between going Scout 3 or not going Scout 3. I’m already lv40, won’t be long till I reach Scout 1.

I should have asked the A2>R1>Scout3>Musk I saw yesterday in Mage Tower. Too bad I didn’t want to be caught in the firefight.

Maybe I will sort things out after I reach Fencer. Tks IMC, now Venier works again

If you want a more useful character after rank 6, Falk->Musk would better. Scount 3 is primary a farming char for 130 dungeon.

3rd Amber at 325 while ch hopping. Bought 2 from a shout I think 2 days ago. Man the competition sucks here at Tels. Last night I was fighting for Upent from 2 bots and 3 farmers.

Trying to search for this but I’m coming up short. How is the skill enhancing attribute being computed? Is it directly added to the skills or are their some other factors affecting it?

Let’s give a sample. Sept Etoiles @ level 5 is 245 damage, factoring in level 50 enhancing attribute (50% increase). Let’s not mind the base PATK from stats and damage from weapon (or if they are factored in please let me know). Is the math as simple as:

245 (Base Damage) + 122.5 (Level 50 Attribute) = 367.5

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Thanks a bunch!


Well, theory Reroll once again… and I’m stuck. Where? On Barbarian C3 because i still have 4 points to spent and don’t know what pick.
Cleave 15/15
Warcry 10/10
Seism 10/10
Pouncing 5/5
Helm chopper 1/15
I didn’t see anything usefull so I pick Giant Swing to have fun. But before i do this may i ask someone?
How stomping kick actually work? This evasion burst work when we use this skill? Or we obtain some buff for few swconds like lunge? Or like Esquive Toucher in skill anination? Actually this skill curious me.

Dont bother taking it. The dmg isnt good. You get animation lock when using it. So i rather just lvlup helm chop or get giant swing for lul

I WOULD take if it can actually knockdown enemy around you when you stomp the ground.

A question, how do you guys deal with SP consumption of Composee. A lv 10 Composee takes 81 SP per use. Assuming you can cast a Composee/ second. In 30s, that would take 2,430 SP just for Composee alone.

I might consider buying the new virtual chicken just for its cuteness and recovery

just go with penguin so you can gungho w/out worries

I have composee level 1 with spada so no problems on my end, I had minor problems with lv3 though using venier

I have lvl 7 composee (with venier)

I honestly just use SP pots and rotate with barb pouncing while bossing lol

Might stick with lvl 1 once rank 8 comes in to reset my stats.

Does putting in blue gems on gloves help? That’s what I’m theorizing right now but I’m not sure how sp regen works in here. And I saw there was a card (Pyroego iirc) that decreases the interval for sp regen ticks.

Regen is every 20 sec iirc when combat(someone check this out for me). Some skill can reduce the time needed to regen (Squire food buff/Krivis’s Flame/ and i think one of the diev skills?)

Pyroego Card ] Decreases interval between SP recovery ticks by [★] seconds.

Don’t know if it will affect combat but 2 level 10 Pyroego = Unli SP regen?
If this is plausible, 2 blue gems on Gloves (at least level 6) should solve SP problems on spamming Composee.

Though I think it isn’t as simple as I think it is. But I’d really like to get Level 10 Composee (probably Level 8 with Venier, or if I’m bold enough Level 12). It’ll be godly on Epee stance.

Well in my Vubbe Fighter Gloves i have Blue gem lvl 5 and actually didn’t do much. Well maybe including card to reduce tick time of regen do much more.

@Lostac, @SkyKirisame : I hardly use Gungho post lv200. +64 Patk seems negligible. But over 700 Patk from lv10 Composee seems significant. I’m planning to max it once R8 comes out

It’s PATK not flat attack, my Level 40 attribute composee gets about 200 bonus total damage per hit with gungho level 5+attributes. I don’t use guardian now because it’s bad atm

Aren’t they both the same? Both Patk and Skill atk are calculated in Tier 0 computation. I usually ignore Gungho and Concentration whenever we have a buffer in party. More buff slots

yes, the thing is, gungho boosts everything in your skill tree for the same SP cost.