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[Guide]Muskekekeke, sharing my love for Musketeer

Author Foreword

Started playing very late R9 as Musketeer and i love Goddess Lada, Giltine and Pepe.
Critique and Suggestion are welcomed to improve the guide.

Content List

  • Pros & Cons
  • Class Choices & Skill Builds
  • End-Game Gearing
  • Party Synergies for PvE

Pros & Cons

For this part i will showcasing general pros and cons strictly only for Musketeer class (not including a full builds).

  • Very high single target burst damage.


  • Squishy.
  • Very slow movement speed
  • Lacking of sustain dps.
  • Relies heavily on other class and timing to maximizing damage output.
  • Requires to invest in some playtime to feel highest potential of this class.

Class Choices & Skill Builds

For this part i will only highlighting classes that have best synergies for Musketeer build, as for other class that isnt in the showcase, it still viable but not really good at the moment or it have several issue with weapon restriction with Musketeer.

  • Archer image

    There is no need to put skill on Multi Shot & Twin Arrow since its restricted for musket.
    Oblique Shot is a good skill that provides Slow debuff which can increase Vollet Fire and Covering Fire damage by 50%, also pretty useful for chasing enemy in PvP which also you can bounce it from a mob to player (if its Gemstone Feud).
    Leap is latest addition to Archer base skill which provides you mobility/escape tool and invulnerability while in the air (which also allows you to enter non-combat stat and allowing archer to dash immediately).
    There is 5 point left to spend either between lv2-3 Leap and the rest to Oblique Shot , you can also put a 4-5 point in Leap , 1 point in Oblique Shot, and 4 point in either Swift Step or Concentration because you still need slow from oblique. One of the main reason for not maxing Leap is because iToS have pretty bad client-server intearction which makes you rubberband alot while using this skill at lv4-5 where lower level of leap with shorter range has less chance to rubberbanding.
    Here and here and some example ive provided for what is rubberbanding.
  • Appraiser image

    A more supportive class if you have less funded weapon, good for medium-long raid, which also helpful for mobbing since debuff from Blindside & Devaluation are an AoE.
    Devaluation also a very “cheesy” useful skill for PvP which has 50% chance to make opponent Enchantment and Transcendence value into 0.
    You can put 15 skill point left to Identity to make extra offline income, which is one of two most needed shop currently (the other one is repair shop), or if you have a very good accessories you can share/copy it for your team via Forgery skill.
  • Wugushiimage
    Crescendo Bane gives you x2 poison property damage and increase ticks speed of your other Wugushi skill, while reducing its duration (it dealt the same damage for all level, just it ticks faster when you maxed it, so leaving it at 1 point is not a bad choices, unless you really need a very fast poison ticks).
    As for the rest of 17 points you can either max Wugong Gu for more bossing capabilities or Jincan Gu for more mobbing capabilities, its up to your choices which you needed more. (note: Jincan Gu create insane amount of unit and damage line when it explode, so be careful if you have a bad computer).
    Wide Miasma also provide cloaking for your character when use, one of a niche option for PvP, it wont de-cloak you from this skill damage itself.
  • Pied Piper ima*ge


    Stegriefspiel will only choose random song between non-channeling Pied Piper skill that you’ve leveled up, so it wont play any song that you have 0 point in it.
    Dissonanz and Wiegenfied both are a good CC that viable and a must to take for PvP, but as for PvE you might opt not to take it since Stegriefspiel will also play randomly these 2 song, instead of both 2 buffs that is very important for bossing/raid, but you can still put point on both of these CC for helping in CMS6-7 (S6-7 are buffed hard in ep.11 update.)
    Hameln Nagetier has a pretty clunky and unreliable hitbox especially without aiming so its up to you if you wanna level it up since it spawn some cute hamster (chance for a white hamster with attribute).
    Lastly, just take this class if you want to PvP as an archer, this is the only class that makes archer viable in PvP.
  • Tiger Hunter image


    For PvE Piercing Shot is the best tool for mobbing as it can work consistently even without Falconer’s Aiming.
    Suprise Attack and Eye of the Tiger is your combo for mobbing since both of them have the same cooldown (20s) note: that Eye of the Tiger only boost your damage for 1 line, not 1 skill .
    Camo Shot is kinda useless for PvE but it has its own value, as it will boost your STR and DEX for a certain duration, you can combo it with Eye of the Tiger or other nuking skills, also you might nee cloaking skill in some quest, etc.
    Rapid Shot (basically Oblique Shot but it hits 5x on primary target) this is the worst offensive skill in Tiger Hunter (tested with lv15 Rapid Shot and max enchance attribute), long animation, low damage, bugged minimum critical chance, and also this skill will keep shooting even though the main target dies, which lock you in position until the animation ends (it also doesnt bounce off other enemy once the primary target dies). But 1 point wouldnt hurt to put as filler skill for bossing, you can opt to not put any point on it.
    As for the other 18 point you can decide to put either put more point in Pursuit for boosting your Piercing Shot damage or maxing Eye of the Tiger (depend on your gear quality).
    NB: do remember to always use Pursuit and other Slow or Immobilize debuff as it will increase most of Tiger Hunter’s skills damage which is kinda low.
    For PvP pursuit has big value where you need the dash in-combat, and maxing Pursuit increase its duration and reduce stamina consumption (not to mention lv400 attribute increasing value of other skill in Tiger Hunter furthermore).
    As for the other 9 point you can decide to put either 1 point on Piercing Shot and 8 point on Rapid Shot or vice versa, Piercing has higher damage output overall combined with slow debuff and Pursuit lv400 Attribute, but it require you to charge your attack, and you dont need to charge Rapid Shot
    Lastly about Camo Shot for PvP and why you only needs 1 point, its a cloaking ability with only 10s duration and locked your movement to 25 movement speed (10 if you use Sniper Serenity ), with such low duration and low movement speed you wont move “anywhere” with it and its still 35% chance to get de-cloaked at max level, its a high chance to get your invisibility removed, and also your invisibility will get removed if you are using Leap or normal jump. You definitely do not want to waste 5 point to max it.
    Surprise Attack it supposed to be combo-ed with Penetration Shot in PvP i do believe, but alas the de-sync from sudden movement + Sniper Serenity in iToS will teleported you back to your original place (so this combo is kinda non-existent in iToS, where kToS player able to use max level Leap and Sniper Serenity without getting rubberbanded).
    ̶E̶y̶e̶ ̶o̶f̶ ̶t̶h̶e̶ ̶T̶i̶g̶e̶r̶̶ ̶o̶n̶e̶ ̶o̶f̶ ̶t̶h̶e̶ ̶b̶a̶d̶ ̶p̶a̶r̶t̶ ̶a̶b̶o̶u̶t̶ ̶t̶h̶i̶s̶ ̶s̶k̶i̶l̶l̶ ̶i̶s̶,̶ ̶i̶t̶ ̶w̶i̶l̶l̶ ̶c̶a̶s̶t̶ ̶e̶v̶e̶n̶ ̶w̶i̶t̶h̶o̶u̶t̶ ̶e̶n̶e̶m̶y̶ ̶n̶e̶a̶r̶l̶y̶ ̶o̶r̶ ̶i̶f̶ ̶y̶o̶u̶r̶ ̶e̶n̶e̶m̶y̶ ̶a̶r̶e̶ ̶o̶u̶t̶ ̶o̶f̶ ̶r̶a̶n̶g̶e̶,̶ ̶s̶o̶ ̶h̶i̶g̶h̶ ̶c̶h̶a̶n̶c̶e̶ ̶t̶o̶ ̶w̶a̶s̶t̶e̶ ̶i̶t̶.̶ fixed as per 2 july 2019 (ninja patched)
    NB: I do feel like that Rapid Shot 30% minimum critical rate is bugged/doesnt work.
    Overall, for me this class has a good idea of gameplay which is “beast-type killer” in PvE and “reposition, waiting, and ambush” in PvP but its just very “underwhelming” in terms of class execution, sfr%, and mechanic and needs more tweak in ablilities, especially Eye of the Tiger , Camo Shot , and Rapid Shot.
  • Sapper image


    Claymore is pretty much useless at the moment because it provide low damage and long animations
    Why no Punji Stake max for PvE?, main reason is you cant use it everytime you want because it has pretty long cast time and Stack Stockades provides a good amount of damage i much shorter time.
  • Falconer image

    It might looks like a weird build where, most of the class will prefer maxing or high point of Circling instead of Sonic Strike, Musketeer doesnt need high uptime of circling since we are more specialized in short time burst and because we have a lot of downtime in our skill-set, and it mostly used in a CM or some scenario like Velcoffer’s dragon spawn when changing stage where are mobs are large type which you can use circling to reduce their ADR to 1, also Musketeer has Sniper’s Serenity which allow user to experience max damage all the time as long in its duration, so it boost Sonic Strike damage as well, just a reminder its the active Sonic Strike that have a decent damage combined with Serenity, it has bad hitbox and low AAR but you have to worry if you combine to with Aiming and Circling. But if you’re really uncomfortable with low duration of circling you can put 5 point of Sonic Strike for the attribute.
    Aiming is one of the best skill in every content, which allows you to hit outside normal enemy hitbox, theres no reason not to max it. (maybe in PvP for more point in Hanging Shot).
    Hanging Shot nearly all of the player will say this is a useless skill, well yes in most of the time, but after a while ago this skill really helped me alot especially in PvP (Gemstone Feud), which allows me to escape from meele type attack for e.g swordman or dagger scout/electric shock, or maybe in very rare occasion in future content that you might’ve needed it to dodge some sure kill skill/doing solo content. (Do notice that you have to swap to shield/bow/x-bow because this skill is restricted for musket). So this is mostly personal preferences you can opt not to level it up.
    Pre-Emptive Strike, damage from Sonic Strike from this skill is insanely low, so one of the best use is for debuffing enemy with Confusion debuff for harder content with lots of mob e.g CMS6-7, or in PvP, or you also use it only when fighting a boss, since low dps its still a dps to help kill boss faster.
  • Musketeer image

    All skill is pretty much self explenatory, what you have to do mostly is casting Sniper’s Serenity before using other skill, this is pretty much the reason either you like to play Musketeer or hates it because of the playstyle/very slow movement. Also you have to rely on jumping to dodge skill without removing Sniper’s Serenity to maximize your damage output since you dont have to recast it.
    As for PvP skill option i believe every player have different prefereces in skill build as Musketeer, so i will leave it for you to build your own, but Snipe, Sniper’s Serenity and Prime and Load is a must max still.
    As in Re:Build you cannot jump-cancel Snipe anymore, so use it wisely.
    Note: Penetration Shot is kinda bad for mobbing without Aiming from Falconer because this skill will only hit enemy that is on 45°/90° targeted angle, so you can at least find a chokepoint/corner in some pve scenario and lining up the mob to increase it hits potential, but the thing is, you will face a boss in every end-game content, and Penetration Shot is still good even without Falconer because boss is a single target which this skill excels at, so you might want to consider to still max it even without Falconer in your build.
    Class Combination
    You can combine all of class that got showcased above as your build, but here is currently most popular combination in its respective usage:
    PvE :
    Sapper-Falconer/Pied Piper-Musketeer (having a pied piper in party instead in your build allows you to do more damage, since falconer has damage skill while piper only boosting damage).
    Sapper-Falconer-Musketeer might be currently the best one since it provides single and AoE burst and if played correctly you can pretty much reduce your downtime to only around 8-10s left to recast all your skill set again which allows you to stay in one place in solo CM scenario).
    PvP :
    Sapper/Falconer-Pied Piper-Musketeer
    Appraiser-Pied Piper-Musketeer
    Tiger Hunter-Pied Piper-Musketeer

End-game Gearing

For this part i will only highlighting current end-game gear which is Velcoffer Legend Raid gear and its strongest ichor and Savinose Legend Field so you can work towards that set since Legend tier always have the highest base stat. (For placeholder weapon/armor you can use HG Primus for cheapest option)

  • Weapon & Ichor (click image for more details)

    Savinose Legva Musket, is the latest addition to Legend tier equipment, and its a Field tier legend so its easier to craft (you can farm Planium to craft it dropped from ep.11 maps), also theres no set effect for this equipment, you have to indentify it to get a stat for this weapon, high STR, CON, DEX and red physical damage is very recommended, or you can use a Maginifier that given in some limited time event or from TP Shop. You can also check here for more information about Savinose Gear.

    Velcoffer Musket, comes with no build in effect but it has a very high raw damage because its a egend tier equipment, and you have to put and ichor and Velcoffer set effect to maximize its potential.

    Wastrel Zvaigzde Musket, is currently strongest ichor for Velcoffer Musket you can get since it provide highest raw damage compared to other musket, which is good for PvE and PvP. (you can use HG/Field Primus/Berthas with high STR and CON for purely PvP as other option.)
  • Armor & Ichor
    Savinose Vymedzai Set (Leather)/Savinose Akmo Set (Plate) Set

    Latest addition to Legend tier equipment, and its a Field tier legend so its easier to craft (you can farm Planium to craft it dropped from ep.11 maps), also theres no set effect for this equipment, you have to indentify it to get a stat for this weapon, high STR, CON, DEX and red physical damage is very recommended, or you can use a Maginifier that given in some limited time event or from TP Shop. You can also check here for more information about Savinose Gear.
    Ignas Plate Set

    Currently strongest ichor you can get since it gives huge amount of STR and CON right now which is very good for both PvE and PvP, not to mention Ignas Plate set effect increase max damage and defense (as placeholder armor/ichor you can use HG/Field Primus/Berthas with high STR, CON, and red physical damage for cheaper option).
    Armor type set bonuses.
    Glass-cannon PvE = Leather
    PvP + PvE balance = Plate
  • Velcoffer set effect

  • Savinose set effect

  • Accessories (click image for more details)

    Abyss Set is currently a very good set for newer player, considered easy to get and very good for placeholder equipment until you get your Drakonas Set.
    Drakonas Set is currently strongest accessories you can get in-game it gives huge amount of STR and CON and other perks which is a dream for any physical dps, but it requires very heavy investment. This set only available as reward for top 3 rank guilds in Boruta Raid, the only way to get this is either joining those guilds or buy from them.
  • Card
    image image image image
    Glass Mole : Increase 10% physical damage/card/max level for 6s after using any type of SP Potion (NPC, Alchemist, and Elixir, having those 3 will gives you total 18s of damage boost since it have separated cooldowns).
    Zaura/Nuaele : Increase 10% physical/magical defense/card/max level. Theres a cheaper option but less useful for bossing/end-game raid which is Armaos Card.
    Netherbovine : Increase 10 STR/card/max level.
    Gazing Golem : Gives you chance to procs Pain Barrier (anti knockdown and knockback) for 10%/card/max level for 10s, a very good choice since theres a lot of mob and boss that able to knockdown or knockback your character and you will lose a lot of DPS if such things happened.
    image image image image
    Blut : Increase 10 CON/card/max level.
    Utility Card : Theres some option for this card, you can check it here , but personally i would use either Crabil, Nuodai, or Dullahan.
    For Legend Card info and how to get or level up you can read it here. Just a reminder that this is not 100% needed but if you do want, you have to prepare for huge amount of investment.
    Special note for Wugushi class build, you can use Velnia Monkey instead of Glass Mole, but you have to apply poison first to the target for 30% damage increase from poisoned enemy.
  • Gems
    Gems are a very important part of maximizing your DPS especially with rebuild update reducing value of enchantment, +11 with full gems worth more than a +15 with no gems in current time.
    Weapon :
    image Red Gem +physical attack
    Armor :
    image Yellow gem +physical defense
    image Blue Gem +magic defense
    Skill Gem:
    Rodejoker Gem: Penetration Shot +1
    Flowlon Gem: Covering Fire +1
    Blom Gem: Headshot +1
    Yellow Leafnut Gem: Snipe +1
  • Hair Accessories
    You can aim for Physical Attack, HP, and 1 Utility Stat for all of 3 slot Hair Accessories, but a reminder that these items are pretty expensive if you aim for the high stat, best option is to wait for event for enchant scroll or you can buy it via TP Shop.
  • Awakening & Enchant Jewel
    HP, damage, damage reduction, critical rate/damage is your best choices.
  • Seal
    Seal is the latest new content introduced for gearing up, currently theres 3 Seal which is Kaze (free from quest), Irredian (from weekly Irredian Shelter cube) and Boruta Seal (only accessible for top 3 guilds in Boruta rank or buy from those guilds).
    For more information about Kaze and Boruta Seal, you can read it here and for Irredian Seal you can read it here.

Party Synergies for PvE

As mentioned above Musketeer relies heavily with other classes for maximizing damage output, so here are some classes that will have a good synergies with Musketeer.

  • Fletcher image
    image Bodkin Point : Reduce enemy’s physical defense up to 15% at max level.
  • Schwarzer Reiter image
    image Caracole : +30% missile damage to enemy affected by Caracole.
  • Corsair image
    image Jolly Roger : +40% physical damage when reaching Fever Time.
  • Linker/Linker+Thaumaturge image image
    image image Electric Shock (Physical Pressure Attribute) : Reduce enemy’s physical defense by 25%
    image image image Lifeline + Quicken + Swell Hands + : Partying with very high DEX (high crit damage) scout that its stat shareable via Lifeline will increase your critical damage, combined with maxed Quicken for ASPD boost and Swell Hands for max damage boost (combine with Sniper Serenity and Groovling Muzzle), will gives you ability to do a lot of sustain dps via AA for a long fight, best e.g is for Boruta Raid.
  • Wizard image
    image Lethargy : Increase damage for some of Sapper’s installation skills, especially Spike Shooter (if you have Sapper in your build).
  • Chronomancer/Chronomancer+Alchemistimage image
    image Pass : Reduce your skill cooldown, best to communicate with the chronomancer to maximizing your skill usage.
    image Sprinkle SP Potion : Securing your SP amount without any concern to spam all SP potion you have to purely for Glass Mole procs to increase your damage.
  • Oracle image
    image Death Sentence : Reduce enemy defense up to 50%, value is halved against boss.
    image Divine Might : Increase your skill level by 1.
  • Dievdirbys image
    image Statue of Goddess Laima : Reduce your skill cooldown.
    image Statue of Goddess Zemyna : Reduce SP consumption and SP recovery time.
    Dievirbys are a very good combination with Chronomancer + Alchemist if you’re engaging if a very long boss raid e.g Boruta Raid, or even simpy to boost skill uptime to maximizing damage output for more burst in normal raid.
  • Krivis image
    image Divine Stigma : Amplifies damage by 50% to affected enemy.
  • Zealot image
    image image Immolation (Melt Armor Attribute) : Reduce enemy base physical defense up to 50%.
  • Inquisitor image
    image Breaking Wheel : Hitting the wheel close to enemy allows your damage to do another instance to enemy.

Closing Word , etc

Thank you for reading, and thank you to any resources that ive used for making this guide.
Once agani Critique and Suggestion are welcomed to improve the guide.
If you wanna check fore more Musketeer in action you can check my videos here
And personal request, IMC, please do consider to improve user-server quality Archer are suffering from rubberband from skills like Leap, Swift Step, and especially Sniper Serenity with any instant movement ability like Leap, Surpiser Attack, and Musketeer’s Safe Distance attribute.
So thats all for me currently, will update the guide with future update that coming for Musketeer once tested enough and from any improving Critique or Suggestion that ive received either from this forum or other platform.


One of the best Muskek in Telsiai.

For PvE why Snipe & Headshot only 1? Isn’t the SFR increase is more significant than Covering Fire 1 compared to 15?

Also, for Musket-Sapper-Falcon which attrib should be maxed first?

thank you :satisfaction:
Covering Fire total to 1 target is 2222% sfr and extra 50% damage from Oblique or Broom Trap slow, which is higher than Snipe or Headshot, not to mention its a true multi hit and it also hit more than 1 target for CM.
Also since Snipe and Headshot have a high SFR for 1 hit it will reach damage cap (mostly if you’re geared with velcoffer gear) so theres no need to max it for PvE for me personally.
In some scenario you might want faster cooldown of Prime and Load, and Snipe or Headshot have highest cooldown increase thats make another reason you want to max Covering Fire

Personally im maxing Spike Shooter and Penetration shot, the rest is around 40-80 attribute in my main.

Ah yes that makes sense. No point increasing Snipe if lv 1 can hit damage cap already.

That’s a very clear and detailed answer, thanks a lot! :smile:

Hello, I’m new player… I love your guide but where I should put the status points. STR, CON, DEX?.

STR for PvE and CON for PvP in my opinion

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Thanks for this guide!! I really need this tho :two_hearts:
also… I wanna know your opinion on Ranger-Falconer-Musketeer build. Is it viable? or much more better if ranger will be replaced by sapper??

personally, i dont think ranger works anymore with musket in re:build (tho its great to pair in pre:re), because of weapon restriction, crit rate cap, and groovling (60s cd) removed if you swap weapon and you have to always maintain crit shot like ranger-mergen
theres steady aim buff, but do you really want to take 1 circle for a single buff, thats your decision

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I see then… yeah… those two were great during pre: re… but not anymore :frowning: its actually such a hassle to have my weapons swapped, like every single time I use ranger skills… still, the steady aim buff is really good. But I think, its not worthy of sacrificing a whole circle for it… Thank you so much for this!! <3

I forgot to ask.

Why Leghold max not Spring max? Is it because each of 3 trap thrown in single Leghorn OH causes damage individually? So the SFR is x3 for single throw if used with Aiming on boss?

Thanks! :smiley:

yes, each caltrops has its own damage
also you have to makes boss moving forth and back passing spring trap to allow it does another line of damage which is hard to do, thats why i think leghold is better

Oh with big size bosses aren’t they gonna kept getting hit by spring trap, especially if we use Aiming?
But I haven’t count how many attack it hits tho.

EDIT: Nevermind, I tried with my friend, yes it needs the animation of entering the spring trap xD

@nxscythelynz what do you think falconer or tiger for pvp?
i had problem with genbu armor, cant drain enemy mana without combo aiming+penetration shoot :expressionless: cause hard to full hit or multi hit with penetration shoot if not combo with aiming.
and may i know ur skill build for tiger piper and muskek?. ty before nice guide :blush:

aiming+peneshot in pvp surely are a very good combo in addition cc coming from pheasant+piper (not to mention another tools like sonic’s blind and hanging shot to dodging meele type damage which is also have a good use too), in the other side tiger gives you more mobility and makes you more agile in match and making easier to chase an onmyo for your close range peneshot or getting out of combat situation, so ill leave it to your choices.
In the end it depend on your cc set-up and follow-up skill, mainly gear and attribute for shredding onmyo’s genbu armor, you cant really perform your best in pvp if you have low to mid tier investment in gear/attribute, especially as a musketeer/tiger.
for tiger im still playing around and keep testing both of its use in pve and actual pvp matches, so i cant say much yet which is best skill build for tiger, especially in pvp, because i do believe in pvp matches every player have their own skill build that they’re comfortable at.
but this is currently skill build for tiger-muskek ive been using for pvp.