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GTW forced teleportation bug

GTW forced teleportation bug

  • A) Players belonging to guild who lost the map
  • B) Players not belonging to the guild who lost the map or captured the map

A players will be teleported to a neighbouring town after 5 seconds and they are also unable to enter the spot location for 20 seconds. (It’s ok)

B players should be teleported to a random location within their current GTW map and could not enter the spot location for 20 seconds, but none of this is happening. (Bugged).

B players in fact suffer no teleportation effect and can still score all the time. :stuck_out_tongue:

Hi @Siluteking ,

Kindly send a support ticket to customer support regarding this for further assistance.


I think when team A captures a map while there are still players from team B inside the circle, team B doesn’t get teleported out of the map. If there are nobody inside, everyone else on the map gets teleported properly.