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Grimoire Master 28-30 and 36-40 level event

i notice that the pokemon event Grimoire Master is almost impossible to complete the levels 28-30 and 36-40.

for all the players who have completed it … they said to have used zoomy to do so.

is there any guide or any other way to finish it guyz normally?

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My husband and I didn’t use the addon, we have 2 organs on our team healing and was a mix of being lucky (we got few fights against hard bosses before we got easier ones) with keeping or monsters separated.

timing, kiting, lucky heal. and positioning.

see that video guide.
weird! why someone flagged that post?!
Before that post, nobody answered what pokemon they used to clear 40th (they just bragging off their cleared 40th screen). That guide is from ktos too (that youtuber still not get banned from clearing the event that way), pokemon event page never forbid you to use addon to finish it.