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Goddess Blessed Cube Mar 26, 2019 (Mystic Savior Edition)


@STAFF_Amy , @STAFF_Yuri, @STAFF_Ines , @STAFF_Bob , @STAFF_Letitia , @STAFF_Ethan

I really would like to ask why don’t we get a box to select wich costume we want to get like in kToS.

All I’m asking is a box to select: Diamond Costumes (Mystic Girl Male/Female or Mystic Boy Male), Heart Costumes (Mystic Girl Male/Female or Mystic Boy Male).

It’s 300 TP so it’s a quite expensive cube to pay for and get something that you don’t want to. In my case I’m stuck with a Mystic Girl Male Diamond and Female because no one want this and I only have Female characters. I’m sure that other players face the same problem and only a few could change with other players in order to get the one that they wish.

Can we have a NPC to Exchange those Mystic Costumes (Girl/Boy - Male/Female) for each type (Diamond and Heart)?