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Gem feud channel full

Hello. Im from NA Server Klaipeda. Can Staff please fix the problem with feud that have the last days since last patch where gem feud trow a message of channel full and only 60 guys r enable to play it ? Cause we have a mmorpg to have capped the entrace to feud on 60 ppl. Can u please do ur work so we can do the game instances ? Also please fix it now dont do a stupid compensation of battle manual no one care about ashit Exp tome when we cant get 2 bgems from the event everyday

I put in a ticket complaining about this and was told that gem feud now randomly puts people in ‘random’ gem feud channels. It’s appalling how bad support can be sometimes.

We need to have this fixed immediately as it currently is a pathetic game mode that only allows 60 individuals in the game mode that easily can have 100-150 players at one time in it.

there is not a random channels cause is only 1 channel now. Thats the problem. Before where playing at random channels for 20 vs 20. Now we r only 1 channel with 30 vs 35 and not more. BUT STUPID IMC DIDNT FIX IT OR SAY SOMETHING ABOUT IT: RIGHT @STAFF_Amy @STAFF_Yuri @STAFF_William @STAFF_Bob @STAFF_Ines @STAFF_Letitia because they dont care at all what happend in game

Here’s the updated announcement :wink:

Thx few weeks late but thx now can we focus on important patch like fixing cm hp bosses is not in your issues list and we cant do the most important dailys if they r imposible. Also when gonna have a reward for f2p users on victory event? Boxes gives only fragment. And with 1 fragment we can only buy atributes that surprise not on npc market list. So as free user this event is not for me? Is just for people who redeem cash tp because there r absolute no rewards for free players also 10/11 frsgments per box is a scam to players that wasted exchange medals or tp. The biggest scam imc did