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Forum restrictions


how long am i going to be a “new user” ?
i’m subscribed since the beta, is 3 years considered as “new” in your book ?

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I had restrictions until I did the Discobot tutorial thing. So either it’s a coinky-dink that I gained regular status OR Discobot tutorial = the key?

@STAFF_William @STAFF_Amy
yo anyone ???

i’m sorry Lil_Puddin but i have no idea what you’re talking about

i’ve been able able to tag several people before, put several images and answer more than 3 times before. but it changed out of nowhere !


what am i supposed to do here ? i have an issue and nobody to adress it to
i sent a ticket : they told me the forum wasn’t their business
i created a thread in the only [Website & Forums] place
i linked several staff member asking for help
i can’t send private message anymore

i’ve waited a week for an answer and nothing, so i guess i’ll flood the forum then …
thank you for not taking 2mn out of your overly booked schedule to even read the thread !

please an answer this is becoming tiresome
2 weeks with nothing