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Fix gem freud lag insane


HELLO GEM FREUD HAVE NO SENSE IF WE CANNOT MOVE OR GOT DCED BY LAG ON THE INSTANCE. IS POINTLESS TO PUT 20 vs 20 If channel cant hanndle more than 25 persons. Please Learn about ur game and fix this problem by setting max teams as 10 players them making more channels over miner village. This is not a hard problem to solve. Also remove the wrong message of gem freud. Please already changed all the game but didnt fixed a thing


It has unbearable lag every day, the 2 channels can not stand it.
I missed the chance to attend today because of disconnecting.


Yes, the message about second run is displayed one hour too early. Developers never playtest the game it seems. Not spotting such obvious error is incomprehensible.

I wonder what Freud would say about this though… :haha:


i cant understand how is so hard to see their servers cant work the events they release. Just make more channels and cap 15 vs 15 them problem solved but imc preffer be blind and never fix the problem. Waiting for the day when makes responsability laws over game developers. This never gonna happend again.


Yesterday in Feud:

  • enter
  • play for 14 mins
  • come back to base to unload gems
  • get dismayed seeing there’s no base
  • type something in chat and use basic attack (magic) to check that my character is not lagged/desynched, and it’s not
  • wait 30 more seconds
  • get kicked back to lodge with error 8 message
  • try to re-enter, get told the server is closed (all channels down)
  • sad popo