Finestra still not giving a single point of critical rate


Hi I


  • Will now apply the correct critical rate-increasing effects as intended

Is not in game. Since i have 712 crit rate without finestra and after finestra o surprise 712 . Please at least apply what u have on patch notes


That’s just poorly written/translated patch notes, take a look at the ones for Sharp Spear - it says something about critical rate on top of the skill already being fixed.
Finestra doesn’t actually increase your critical rate stat but adds additional crit chance the same way the leather set bonus does, so it is working right now, at least for one-handed spears.
It doesn’t do anything for two-handed ones and I was expecting this patch to fix that, but it still hasn’t.


idk from where people say that since before rebuild finextra always showed the critical rate increase. Also i already send a ticket to see if they fix it.


They changed how the skill works, that’s all. You can test it for yourself and see it DOES work with 1h spears, just not with 2h ones. Bob also clarified this in an earlier post


It’s flat %

You can go test it with AA with and without buff on a dummy.

Enjoy and have a nice day