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FeedBack on what is Strong and Weak (in pvp)

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Swordman in general are absurdly strong in pvp (except fencer-matador and pve classes like dopple-highlander)

indeed Murmilo/Reitiarius/Lancer are brutal classes in pvp. Murmillo helmet end up making them almost immune to any kind of crowd control.

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The point of this thread is about skills that are way too strong or weak in PvP. Go on another topic cry about how you don’t like pvp in the game.


just wanted to clarify what you mean when you say “overpowered”.
Are these skills that became OP and is now considered a bit unfair in the perspective of other players?
or is it just plain OP and its good?

When i say “overpowered” i mean skills that are way over other damaging skills. Like comparing Demon Scratch and yin yang, or BackStab(with art) and Annihilation. The difference in damage/utility/cd are huge and create polarized builds in PvP killing diversity(creating meta). One old example of this overpowered was the synergy of Chrono Taoist creating the skiaclipse melting meta.
I left alone skills like Frost pillar and Rubric because they don’t give the vibe of overpower even tho they are good skills.
Just trying to point out some of the skills that are unusually stronger than others after the balancing patch without a visible reason or downside. Also skills that are way weaker with no apparent reason like Corrida Finale, Cyclone and Instant Acceleration.

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Thinking about the Annihilation skill, we see that in GTW it’s not that strong, even if the damage is good, it’s not absurd, because in GTW, where you find groups of players, it becomes a good but not absurd skill. One by one, it is really strong, but in a real battle it is not so strong.


Yin Yang deals a lot of damage but has a huge drawback… most of the time, it hits empty space because the targeting is bugged and doesn’t aim correctly so you end up wasting your skill at empty space.

I’ve dropped Subzero Shield from my cryo since it costs SP and your wiz without SP is useless in PvP, plus everything is pretty much immune to freeze now

What about Meteor + Flame ground? It has a huge AoE so you can use that from afar vs those melee classes, does a crapton of damage and can be followed by 3 small nuke bombs that are instacast and almost do as much damage…

annihilation on scouts: when the biggest dps skill is an aoe iframe; and melee single target the biggest garbage in this game. Did imc heard about “risk and reward”. This thread is a bit useless, you want to speak about balance in this game lul. Nothing has any sense.

as a scout i have no issue with subzero shield, there’s a counter to melee fine, why not.

what’s the issue with instant accel? it deals good damages, stuns, and yes it’s a mobility skill, where the ■■■■ do you see something “weak” in it

Now we have damage reductions in pvp we should start to speak about potions and heals before anything else…but even if everything got balanced: where’s the teamplay and team synergy and team content?

You missed so much things (like the 100% uptime cleanse rotation of beak mask and cure). Taking skills one by oneas you did means nothing; the question is the rotation of skills and…the syngergy with the other players rotation; a vision of a game IMC never got

Yes I agree. The most OP skill in PvP is quickslotting the full HP elixirs. Let your opponent waste their best skill while you heal to full and say “My turn now!”

I think Smash Bullet could be added to the too strong list

As much i experienced, Meteor + Flame ground do not make that impact in PvP.
And when the only draw back on yin yang you can see is a target bugging…:tired:
About Sub zero shield, it is stacking with magic shield making you simply immortal with a plus that any multi hit near you is suicide.(again, 5k true damage per hit)

just go pvp and compare any other assassin skill to see the “good damages” instant acceleration is doing. The stun is 1s now so just serve as cast cancel.

I was trying to make my musketer works in PvP but I can’t kill anything, I just want to avoid PP because is boring to me but the 100% extra damage is a must in PvP, I think IMC balance all classes around this skill, as I said I try almost any combination of classes avoiding PP and is really hard to kill someone, so Is PP or nothing to archer rigth now?

Archers need more def ignore skills, Cannon has a monopoly in the archer tree and is really hard to other classes do real damage with the new reduction.

I try wugu and my Poison DoTs do 110 damage in a not to good geared player, thas was really sad u_u


unconsciously this is also yet another cry thread

“so what you want me to nerf next?”

is this what this thread trying to aim?


“you want me to buff everything to the roof? everything?”

and thats what you call balance?


meta will never die. even if it is dead to oblivion a new meta will born. in a game involving so much factors that even still got so many mess like tos, asking for a balance in PVP is a dream. an insta cast wiz? a glass cannon but oops it can be tanky cause we can use plate armor and shield? a humongous tank but still can hurt like truck?a certain class tree that could be good in overall stuffs but got so many haters and received tons of nerfs into oblivion? an elixir in PVP? the list is way too long.they shouldnt bother attempt fix this cause they ll got too many worksload over this feature meanwhile they can create more content that people twho dont really care of PVP like me still can enjoy.

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Cannon is a one trick pony in feud, the true monster are fletcher, the fire hit like a truck and you can use shield + crossbow

The point of feedback is pointing what is strong and weak duh. I m not staying silent while some classes end up being mandatory in pvp because of just one skill. I personally like TOS because of its variety of possible builds.

As much i read here, the principal points are:

  • people accept more or less the actual Annihilation. Deals less damage when facing a lot of targets.(i personally disagree because of TBL and Gemstone infestation)
  • Archers end up being dependent on Pied Piper in PvP.
  • Rodelero, Reitiarius, Murmilo, Lancer makes Swordsman juggernauts.(hard to kill and cced)
  • even tho imc kinda reworked highlander to be usable in PvP its still a PvE class(a bad one on top of that, still usable but bad).
  • healing still makes a huge impact.

this is just your deviated way of thinking.
how about think of it like some classes are meant to be better in pvp environment while other class inside the tree are actually also better at something else? therefore it has better skillset for pvp environment?
this is yet another jealousy thread or one that try to bring down classes that its even funnier when imc recently buffed those clasess and now you try boycotting to bring them down
if imc really hear this kind of opinions over and over this will be just an infinite loop for them
noone from PVP section gonna get satisfied until his only class is the strongest one and everyone else received nerf
most of this kind of request are from people who lose a lot against those build/class/skill,who start to being a hater of others and bias of its own
when these kind of people said they against meta meanwhile they also trying to create meta of themself
this sectors are known to break mentality of people
it all end up this sounds like another joke


lol i was tryng to quote you on another post with the same sound.but it appears here instead.

Of course there is some adjustment to do but this is not totally unbalanced. There is some others “problems”.

pvp/feud/gvg (pfg)

  • some PPL go in pfg with PVE build and get killed easily.
  • some PPL go in pfg without pfg stuff and get killed easily.
  • some PPL meet a total counter of their classes. So for some PPL it’s totally broken because they can’t kill his counter.


  • Why this guy kill me so easily?
  • What kind of stuff he have?
  • What kind of stuff i have?
  • What kind of stuff i can make for more resist and maybe kill him?

these questions do not exist for some PPL.

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