[Fedimian - EU] 🍵 Tea Time


Welcome to Tea Time! Please take a seat and have some tea.

We are an international fun guild. So we complete dailies, ET, Uphill together and we help each other with questing and grinding. Our communication tool is Skype, but we will switch to Teamspeak or Discord as soon as GvG is working.

Most of our members are from Germany, but we also have members from France, Russia, Italy, Spain, Sweden, Belgium and Korea. So the guild chat will always be in English.

Do you also have fun playing ToS?

Do you also enjoy its “features”? :wink:

Did you at least arrive at Fedimian?

If the answers are all yes, we would be glad to have you as a guild member!

1. Be kind to other players (especially your guild mates)

2. Communicate with others if there are any problems

3. Write English in guild chat

Also, we would be happy if you’d voluntarily share some Talt <3.

Please post a reply here using the following form.

Application Form

Team name:


Time zone:


Your message:

If you prefer applying privately, please contact one of the following team names ingame:



The TeaTime Mascot "Popo-Chan"

Group Photo

All members would like Tea :smiley:

Group Photo

After the Guild Boss

Guild Boss Hauberk :smiley:

Best Saalus Mission --> Lake :smiley:

Guild Raid

First Guild Level 16 Boss


Team name: AzureLotus


Time zone: UTC eastern time U.S.A

Language: English/Portuguese

Your message: Never joined a guild…


hey on which server do you play?
the TeamName dosent exist.


North America


Okay i found the problem.
You are on the wrong Server. The Guild is located on the EU Server. Sorry :frowning:


ohh ok then I didn’t know that you have to be on the same server


WOOT Bro let’s join US


Team name: Okatana

Class: Swordsman

Time zone: GMT +0

Language: English

Your message: I’m active and i would love to contribute to a guild and have fun playing together :3


Poutou :heart_eyes:
Very friendly and active guild; so much fun !
Nice gallery need more screenshot !

Come join us :3


now the new group picture is online =)


Team name: Flammenschweif
Class: EleMeme (Wiz 3 - Ele 3 - War 2)
Time zone: UTC+02:00
Language: German (native), English
Your message: Played quite a lot solo (about 200 hours). Tired of the solo grind and have never been in a guild on this game before. Would love to learn the ropes of ET and all the other end-game content! I’m mostly online during the evening/night. Not so much in the afternoon or morning.


Best time for a cup of tea: 4:20


now with a TeaTime mascot :smile:


It’s so cuuuute <3 what is its name? Popo-chan? :joy:


yes right its Popo-chan =)


Team name: no01
Class: Cleric > Cleric > Cleric > Sadhu > Monk

Time zone: Israel Standard Time UTC +2

Language: English

Your message: In good body there is a good head
And in the good head there is a good soul
That’s why I seek balance in all things
[skill and stats]


Hey :slight_smile:

Team: Lykius
Class: Archer > Archer > Sapper > Sapper --> looking forward to advance to Scout > Falconer C3
Time zone: CET
Lanugage: English, German
Your message: I’m a new player in ToS but I really enjoy playing it so far. therefor I’m looking for some people to play with over a longer time and that can also help me to get into the endgame and do stuff together.


Team name: BreakersMints

Class: necromancer/ sor

Time zone: UTC+3

Language: English

Your message: need people to play with am bored of playing solo


Team name: HeyitsJamie

Class: Swordsman/Highlanderc3/corsair, plan on going c2 corsair into fencer.

Time zone: GMT+1 (From England.)


Your message: New to the game but really enjoying it and looking for friendly people to enjoy it with!