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Fate of Fedimian (Discussions)

“Hey VSauce, Michael here.”

As we all know, summer had already started and i’d be optimistically thought that not many people played ToS since it’s summer (i guess) and there are a lot of other issues we can “blablabla~~” about.

Here’s the issues (in my opinions, of which we can discuss here and correct me if I’m wrong. Oh and also not only regarding to Fedimian server issues but also in-game content or ToS-related issues.) :-

  1. So Fe"Dead"imian…
  2. The curse of RNG
  3. Events after sprout events are just events with rewards not worth the efforts or just worth for p2w
  4. Repetitive bugs, desync, fps lag
  5. GM (not Guild Master and Guild Mission) is dead?
  6. GvG/GTW (it’s too general but it can be discussed or be ignored)
  7. Low populations.

That’s all in my mind so far. Like i said, feel free to correct the wrong or wrong the correct or blablabla~~.

8. Orsha city = Ghost town most of the time (there’s some time it’s a lot of people but most of the time it didn’t exceed 15-20 people there).

Im actually glad we got a bit of an “event vacation” after the sprout event. That event really wore me and many other players out.

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first 4 points are the same for every server :tired:

Gm`s dont really care about what is happening, they are busy? (not sure what is the reason for that but who knows, maybe even they dont know)

GTW? What GTW? Most players are dedicated PvE overlords and they dont care about it (the tax).

Low population cant be fixed sry :haha:

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Fedi should’ve merged with Klaip along with Orsha.


I’d like to see this, but I’m worried it’ll scare a lot of people off. When it comes to MMOs, merging servers is the same as publicly announcing that the game’s population is dangerously low.

Another open theme with the same old complaints, which will have the same answer as always (which by the way, you lacked other points like the lousy location). We’ve been like this since 2016? I’m going to answer you by citing you a complaint of this kind that if it had a big impact with almost zero effects, well the answer of IMC was P2W boxes (it is the same as in reality, if you want to be listened to do not make manifestations or derivatives, set fire to something or someone).

ToS is already dead, he’s long been in a zombie state; the only way to play without being bothered by the “features” is to do it in an uncompetitive way and casually ignoring the events so “great”, of course, playing alone, since there are more and more levels, greater differences and with it, more restriction when making party with your friends, guild and people.

p.d: No, you actually need servers to know more in quantity, but smaller and localized. Not everyone has the same schedule or their language is English (or Korean xD), I and no one has to have to converse with a language that is not theirs. Still, place a separate “big” server as a wildcard for PVP, mass events (server vs. server?), tournaments and those things you can do here (they should be done and fix other things before).

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It can be fixed, but first they need to repair everything else (literally) and not implement any more “features” until that time. I know, it’s been 3 years and nothing…

Thanks Akane-chan. Idk about this before. Dem that’s a lot of issues…

The issues I see fundamentally with this game in regards to the population:

  • It is far too spread out over several maps that are divided into channels, creating a feeling of emptiness.

  • Far too easy to solo. So why will Mr Introvert care about talking to people and making friends/parties or even responding to chat?

  • Too little incentive for the established players to help the low level lone wolves who’ll burn out. Mr Newbie saw a whole 2 people outside of Klaipedia on their solo quest, and only got one successful automatch for their low level dungeon in the hours of waiting.

This game to me just suffers from the recent MMORPG trend of: too easy to social. Even I don’t socialize.


There ppl on my guild who even mute the guild, normal, shout and whisper chats to play rlly confy and ignore everyone else xD

biggest issue of 'em all is still too much randomness everywhere to get something well done in the end equip-wise
that can demotivate and frustrate gently, slowly, till the will is taken

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new German translation probably not flood Fedimian with new player, it way too late after attempting to lure few portuguese player there are in europe

Wipe 3 Years of progress, and add another 100 or so milliseconds on my already 100ms - 150ms connection?

I’ll wait till the possibility of moving to the states in a year or so. :tired: