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[Event] Road to spring : Too much reward?

GM’s doesn’t even know there are multiple cities. Only Klai’s is removed :man_facepalming:

in that 3 hours some couldve get like 400++ spring cubes.

New week , new problem … a feel lots bug coming in big patch …

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So they keep succeeding in messing up the smallest patches lol…oh boy imagine episode 12 with the new classes,contents,gear,weapons and so on…I can’t wait for what kind of bugs they will come up with.

The bait from this bug on the event it’s just to send another ban wave and the rewards are so bad except the attribute points but I am sure they have a low chance.





New recruit staff makes you company sh1t

Disaster for sure…continues bug emerge everywhere. Like you said small and weekly patch already screw up imagene the big one coming…but meh…when it gonna come in Itos??? Probably on thia year x-mas as gift LOL

@STAFF_William Hello
After easy money for one character, now we can do only one per character. So if you have 39 char, you can do 39 per day & keep one slot for Lvl 50 sprout. Is that you want ?

I thought they fix the bug? Why there’s another bug? Can’t get rewards after running 1 char? Fix = new bug? :feelsgoodman:

And still can do unlimited runs lmao. What is “fix”?

You can enter as many time as you want but no rewards. :man_shrugging:

i dont even get the cubes in my first run of the day… although i still got the other drop
its late in kr so i bet they gonna fix it tomorrow

the issue have just moved, the problem is still here in fact is the number of cube obtain when you clear, 5 is too much for poor effort ( you can be carry).

Why IMC don’t do 1 or 3 per team, when you gonna understand every event you do is abusable because your limit per char is useless. (lvl up 50 char, delete, remake a char, ect)

this event not worth this effort lol
5 is reasonable amount cause its rng type reward and the rewards aremostly rng item again(ganvil,enchant,awakening).also there is the seed and statue bloaters we love so much.
in my retire state, i ll just do one run a day, get petals to get the tricolor stuff and im done with this event

real ? it take 3 min to get 50 for Golden anvil or attribute point. I’ll abuse because the % is more about golden/awak than Seed/Statue/

I was crying about attribute point 1 week ago. I got this event, thanks god ^-^

We just ran and no one in the party got cubes. :tired:

When you queue and match and complete the event as party you won’t get the cubes.

When you enter and complete the event solo you will get the cubes. Tried myself and it worked.

You can make a party outside and just shout, then enter without queueing, you’ll still get cubes.

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