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DRAGOON class, is it worth getting ep11 patch?

current build (hop,high,barb)
not sure if i should replace my highlander for dragoon, is it worth it? or should i stick to highlander?

I’m playing it right now and I honestly don’t know. It is decent, but there is a lot of micromanagement. It still feels like a gimmick. There is no reason that Dragon Soar is a SLASH type not Pierce. Highlander is getting changes soon and I’m thinking of dropping Dragon for Doppel again.

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thank you, that’s one problem out of the way. now with the highlander buff and nakmuay buff i have to choose from the two.

regarding Dragoon Soar, it seems to do an Upward Slashing animation when you use it, maybe that’s why they made it Slash-type?

I know, but the whole class is based on pierce synergy. It makes no sense.

I’m liking it but could’ve been more … serpentine, dragon fear and dragon fall could use a more faster animation.

Besides that it found a good spot for my lancer, hoplite’s lack of aoe and synergizes well. I also have a hop,goon,barb and works well too (dragon soar will stack that barb buff very quickly), working with hop’s pierce is no longer sp consuming because of the changed helmet mechanic so that’s great too.

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Dragoon is in a bit better spot than before but still lack in some aspects.
Although it doesnt have the stupid SP cost than before Lack of AOE in skills, Clunky animations and mediocre damage at best make it a meh class. It has some good aspects but not everyone can make a good use of tthem


Kain ^ already addressed the big problems but I’ve mained a dragoon for 18 months now and I just want to confirm his sentiment. 4/8 Dragoon skills have legitimate arguments to be made for a single point investment (Serpentine/Gae Bulg/Dethrone/Dragon Fear). Two of them (Serpentine/Gae Bulg) are arguably worth 0. The lack of AoE on any skill (except Dragon Fall) makes it poor for large groups of mobs as well.

They removed the SP cancer of the helm but it is still a melee class that often has a hoplite base… and the helmet has -5 movement speed. A close-range class with poor hitboxes did not need a mobility nerf and they have yet to remove that. Instead all Episode 11 gave us was an insane buff to Dragon Tooth and a 2nd OH to Dragon Fall- both skills which were already good in Episode 10.

I love my dragoon but it is objectively bad. There are other classes that do what it does better.


Thank you for your outpts guys :smiley:

So… the dragoon memes will make a comeback?

what highlander buff?
Nakmuay got nicely buffed but Highlander was usually a piano class for me with meh-average dmg
At least for the Doppel-Barbarian-X build i usually want to avoid Highlander since it already has many skills for the rotation

:frowning: was hoping to comeback solely for a better Dragoon life since it has always been my favorite class.

sorry for the late reply.
here is the highlander balance patch coming.

class Skill / Character Changes and Intent to Change
Highlander Wagon wheel [ Intent to change ]

Highlander held [ Cross Cut - Skyliner - add your own links to other elements of the changes to enable a more diverse linkage play .In addition, PvP improves usability in order to lower the difficulty in the urgent situation .

[ Add ]

[ Shock ] Damage to the target is increased by 50% .

Leaves [ Burn Mark ] Debuff to a hit enemy .

  • Duration 5 seconds

  • marking wheels ; an enemy that [ Kata stroke ] using [ the Wheel - The cooldown is reset . When the cooldown initialization [ rut ]debuff is removed .

[ Change ]

The time required to cast a skill is reduced by about 30% .

  • 0.8 seconds → 0.55 seconds|
    |Kata Stroke|[ Intent to change ]

It will be changed to make it easier to link with [ Wheel ] .

[ Change ]

It changes to be movable during charging .|
|Cross guard|[ Intent to change ]

Taking into account the characteristics of the blocks to build difficult to secure a high class and associated classes , changes to enable the block to a valid number . In line with an improved rate of block , change the debuff effect in a form that can enhance the usability of the practice .

[ Change ]

The effect changes .

  • Block 5% increase → Block probability 1% increase

[ Stiffness ] Debuff effect

  • pricking vulnerability → vulnerability|
    |Skyliner|[ Intent to change ]

Given the synergy of its own at the maximum level , the level of which can be offset with a penalty is difficult to invest in the defense system class DPS will raise to be able to .

[ Change ]

Skill count

  • Level 1 : 169% → 169% ( Same as above )

  • Increase per level : 8.5% → 11%

Cooldown time

  • 20 seconds → 15 seconds|
    |Mullinet|[ Intent to change ]

Yieoteuna scheduled portion earnest covered in class balance adjustments for the boarding , priority adjustment from this change .

[ Change ]

[ Shock ] in boarding state Increases the amount of damage to the debuff target

  • 100% → 150%|