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Doubts about Arts

Sorry for this newbie question, but I still didn’t understand how to farm arts pages and how they really work. I’ve read it but I’m confused where to get them. Thanks in advance for the community’s help!

if you still confuse you can get them in market without even bother reading or farming.

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Ya but only buy them at 2 mil or lower.

Chance to get a page from lottery is 1/40, and I cannot imagine what it is from game events, since I’ve done a ton now and didn’t get a single page. Basically just buy them from market, dunno what server you play on but they should be 2 mil or so.

Well … I myself tryed it. So basically you buy 2 pages + 5 blessed gems, go to the wiz/scout/archer/sw or cleric npc and build your tome and then you choose among the options the one you want. Thx everybody for your help! <3

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