Continued Harrasment and Off-Topic Spam


Since being dismissed from our guild in the past for sexually harassing female members and acting highly inappropriate in discord the user @Final_FGrim_14 has decided his time would best be spent by spamming every sub section and post on the forums with a hateful and slanderious message to not join our guild. This behavior clearly violates the rules of the forums and has been carried on for quite some time after already being previously reported to @STAFF_Bob.

I can go on but I think that should give you an idea of how unstable this user actually is and should be more then sufficient evidence to ban this user.

@STAFF_Bob @STAFF_Amy @STAFF_Letitia @STAFF_Ethan @STAFF_Ines @STAFF_Yuri

Can you please do something about this, this has been going on for quite some time now, while it was mildly amusing at first it has snowballed into nearly every thread. Any new player visiting the forums now that asks for help or advice is greeted by this disruptive behavior, I am sure this is not the first impression you want players to have of this community.


I mean, I can just post images if you want O_O…

And I don’t spam. It’s more like you and your guild master spam to prove something on whatever thread I have posted…


Dont bother, the entire server at this point knows your a weirdo, just stop posting all together. I get multiple pms a day about your nonsense on the forums, people compare you to that guy from New Zealand that stalked the 12 yr old girl he met in discord and flew to the US to break into her house with ducktape and a box cutter where he got shot by the girl’s mother, that is your rep. atm.


That’s personal attack. right?

In case you edit, I took a snippet.


Its just the truth, as you continue to spam and sexually harass underage females in the game, you are a creep, and everyone at this point know its.



That’s also personal attack. Right?


To Catch a Predator - Grim Edition


I mean, what can I say? I didn’t do it and you photoshop-ed it. If you got anything else, I’d be happy to explain. :expressionless:

And btw, posting photoshopped images that accuse people of crime repeatedly, is called personal attack.


ToS is Dead.
Deal with it.


No. A personal attack is when they actually attack you on things that are personal to you and irrelevant to anything else. Like attacking you on your physical appearance.
What he or she is doing is accusing you and reporting your behaviour. Reporting people for harassment (which is what you’re doing with your warnings) isn’t a personal attack.


I’ll advice every new player about this guild, dosn’t matter if they play in Klaipeda or not, i’m just wanna act like a good guy just for being a ■■■■


At some point a staff member will get bored and actually look at the reports and ban the guy, just not sure when that will happen.

Hes completely flooded the forums with his off topic spam about our guild since he was kicked from it.

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