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Congrats IMC you just ridiculized yourself again

I had just finished Saalus when I decided to go to the Gemstone Feud shop to get my daily BGs. At 3.15pm server time. To my surprise, instead of the shop, the “Gemstone Feud area is opened” message popped up. Well why not… so I entered. Apparently, not only the schedule was changed again by the latest maintenance (it was 4.10pm then 3.10pm last week then back to 4.10pm since this Saturday… so why not back at 3.10pm today), but since I was the only one who found out that the schedule was different, I was… alone in the area. A 1 vs 0 match. Boring to death…

O yeah, I immediately shouted for people to come, but since apparently the event doesn’t start until there’s someone inside and I only joined at 3.15pm, nobody was able to quickly sneak in before 3.16pm and the end on the allowed entrance. I can’t tell you how stupid being alone in Gemstone Feud feels…. Great, I earned an easy 3900 badges that way, but seriously, keeping schedule CONSTANT (aka at 21.10pm and 21.30pm CET every friggin day of the year) is too hard to ask for?

Then you have the rest of the server that saw this person’s shout and then just kinda had to sit there knowing you’d only get 1 feud today. Can’t wait for 8 mins from now when everyone else logs in to play feud at it’s “normal” time.