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Challenge Mode Reward SIlver


Hello. I just had done some runs of cm stg 7 is instended that it only reward like 230k silver ? for getting done stg 7 ?

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Yeah finishing stage 5 gives like less than half mil. I wonder if we missed a news or sonething


so stg 5 is giving 500k ? cause stg 7 is just giving 230k it have no sense at all @STAFF_Bob


did stage 5- gave me like 300k only. lul whats happening…


don’t know if silver gain in CM is based on mob kills per member, but you are getting less in a party.


I dont get what you mean…? The # of mobs needed to be cleared is still the same whether solo or party isnt it?


yes the monsters needed to be cleared is still the same, but the silver distribution in a party is very different.
i got more silver going solo CM5 800k , than what i got in a party CM6 140k


Ran CM5 with 1 other person.
I got 500k. They got 100k.

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Just a theory, however… it seems that silver that is dropped from bosses is no longer given individually to each person and is now split among players.

If you do a CM solo, you will be receiving the same (or more) amount of silver as before the update. However, if you do it in a party, you will receive less than you did before.

Previously, an example, a challenge mode could give 800,000 silver solo. If you did this in a party of 2, you would not both receive 400,000, you would get something like 500,000-600,000 each. This is because the boss drops individual silver to each player and this silver is not split. Now, with the new drop system, it seems the silver is dropped once and split among all members of the party, resulting in no “extra” silver being dropped for there being more players in a party.

I’m not certain this is the case but it lines up with the amount of silver dropping and the fact that solo is unaffected.

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Theres something more to it (?) , as im doing cm5 solo always, and always get around 800k for it. Just last night ive ran a solo cm5 on inner 13 and got 300k only


So maybe it’s just the silver drop from mobs on new maps that is way lower? Did you try Astral Tower 21F recently to compare?


not yet (coz kinda hoping for planium lul) , ill try again after reset and see if its just the new map mobs or cm drops have changed.


I’ve had no issues with getting silver from CMs solo and neither has anyone I’ve spoken to. Please test again and perhaps provide some screenshots before and after.


im getting 800-900k per cm5 at north forest. ran around 20 cms today, all similar results


now that made me sad. Dont know what happened but adrian’s post also stated that he got less than half a mil. hmmm will try again later.


case 1

starting silver: 2,312,664

ending silver: 3,140,465

silver earned: 3,140,465 - 2,312,664 = 827,801

case 2

starting silver: 3,140,465

ending silver: 3,938,450

silver earned: 3,938,450 - 3,140,465 = 797,985‬


You mind showing which map and spot this is? I havent looked at the new maps


for me, this is the best cm spot, but there are alot of other great ones in other maps.

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EP 11 maps give less silver in CM, afaik. I’m running pre-EP 11 maps and it still gives the same silver before the huge patch.


I did a baltinel CM now gained the normal amount 850k+ , will try again for new map.