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Cannoneer build & other questions


I’m making a Cann-Wugu-Mat and I’m not completely sure my build is right. Can someone proofcheck it?


  • Does Zhendu work like Biteregina card, meaning do my attacks poison on impact or is it just a line of damage like Enchant Fire/Lightning/etc?
  • What purple cards to pick? If Zhendu doesn’t work like it think it does, do I have to invest in Biteregina cards or does 1 Gazing Golem/2 Marnox work just fine?
  • Do I HAVE to put 1 in Smoke Bomb/Siege Burst or Can I do without these?
  • Do Cannonneers have problems finding parties at endgame?

On a side note, it’d be nice if Leap was useable in Bazooka state…

It’s like Enchant type skills, but it only affects yourself. On top of adding additional damage, it gives your basic attacks an extra hit.

If you invest at least 1 point in every Wugushi skill that can poison enemies, you shouldn’t have much trouble poisoning enemies. Latent Venom in particular can have 100% uptime against bosses, and you’ll definitely be taking that skill for how impactful its Art is. In short, you don’t really need a Biteregina card unless you’re planning on using it for Throw Gu Pot. One Gazing Golem + anything else you think would be worth it should do the trick, though I’m not sure if Marnox is worth taking.

Cannon builds aren’t my thing, though, so I wouldn’t know what else to suggest.

Then I have a side question regarding the base - Archer.

I noticed that sfr on Oblique Shot got blasted to high heaven, so is it worth taking it now? And if, how should the skill distribution look like? I was thinking OS 5, Conc 5, Leap 1, Sidestep 4.

It’s basically a mini Cannon Shot now. :stuck_out_tongue:

Cannonneer is right. Smoke grenade is not really needed unless you can cap dmg. Siege burst is nice for knockdown and destroy magic circle but somehow can live without it (I take them though).
Wugushi zhendu only lv1 is enough because of bad scaling. Get wugong gu instead.
Matross is fine if you want to use fire and run for dmg. I personally use it only for escape and max explosion instead.

Not really familiar with endgame but cannon build dmg isn’t bad so it shouldn’t be trouble.

Leap will be able to use in bazooka state, just wait for ktos patch to arrive.

For archer, yes oblique is worth picking now. It’s only skill which can be used while moving. But I rarely use it since there are many skills already. You are fine with that skill distribution.

Is Wugong fine at 3 or should I drop Miasma to 1 and make Wug 12?

Depends if you want to focus on single target or AOE. Both options are fine although wugong gu is superior at the moment. After patch they are more on the same level.

I read somewhere that you get 3 bonus skill poits for completing one of the episodes, 12 I think? I could use these to max Wugong since Cannoneer kinda lacks in terms of single target.

Max cannon blast first, up next wugong is the best choice.

Each level from 441 to 450 you get 10 attribute points. And 3 of those levels will net you a skill point to go wherever you choose.
This totals to 100 attribute points and 3 skill points. Talk to magic association npc to receive.

Ok thanks to you guys I fially got this build figured out :slight_smile:

Two last questiona:

  • I really like Oblique Shot now, seeing as it’s has nearly the same sfr as Cannon Shot and 5 OH, adds slow and I can use it while moving (also that bouncing cannonball looks hella fun XD). Is there a way to incorporate it in the build without sacrificing other skills? I was thinking 4 OS, 5 SS, 5 Conc, 1 Leap and put the bonus skill points to max OS, CB and put the last one into Wugong.
  • Does Fire and Run work while in Bazooka stance?
  • Now I sacrificed oblique because I don’t have chance to use it much. If you like it then go ahead, sort out skill points priority which one to get first, can’t do anything about SP shortage anyway.
  • Yes.

I can always reset skills later, right now it’s useful for clearing trash when my other skills are on cd :slight_smile:

Hello want to ask which skills benefits ataka proc when the build is cann>mat>hunter?