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Build for shadowmancer

I’m playing with shadowmancer now, but I don’t know what to take next

I’m going to make it as PvE character
any suggestions plz

Since Shadowmancer isn’t very good as a class, I’d suggest taking somthing that will boost your dark damage. For example: Warlock + Featherfoot.

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thanks :slight_smile:
I will try taking Warlock

i took cryomancer so that the aoe of icewall shards (from melee type party peeps) and frost pillar hits the boss and the infernal shadow as well as making them immobile owO

so you can dish out skills with low aoe (eg. pole of agony) on both target and shadow owO

icewall also creates shadows for shadow condensation to maximize consensation dmg on a single target Owo

too bad conjuration attribute makes icewall ticks but no shards comes out… :tired:

hallucination + subzero shield is nice

hallucination + subzero shield + magic shield + infernal shadow shield is nicer :satisfaction: