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Bug abusing problem in this game

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  1. Heat oil in a skillet over medium high heat. …
  2. Add chicken and cook until it it changes from pink to white.
  3. Add curry powder and cook for 2 minutes.
  4. Add coconut milk and chicken stock. …
  5. Add peas and salt. …
  6. Serve over rice, noodles or mashed potato!

Then let’s just see results after fix? Why so afraid and salty? :joy:

I tell IMC go ban Bug abuser , you call me afraid and salty ? , you brain got fvck ?

i know you are fvcking nerd but pls be a decent nerd, not a disability nerd :woman_in_manual_wheelchair:

Such boring cliche drama
Are you new here?
There’s reason why ppl called whoever still play are masochist
Cause they keep getting tortured by disappointment due to imc incompetence yet they still play lmfao
Leave the game and play something else rather than being a b1tch here in forum and delusionally thinking anyone will give a damn including imc
There is implicit terms and agreement in playing tos which is to accept Imc incompetency and their slow fix and update
The game has always been a take it or leave it situation game since day 1 where “bug is feature” is not sarcasm but Worshipped clause by many, even veteran


Quote of the day from the same kind of thread

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It’s either because noone tell him steps how to abuse the bug or he is too dumb to make use of it lol
For being around here from 2015 he sure stacked huge pile amount of salt rofl
I would’ve come to an understanding somewhere around 2017 that this game take bug as feature to a whole new level
To the point some party won’t do content if no bug abuser lmfao
It’s old stuff that still remain exist, why bother bring it up now when everyone know imc don’t really care or just react freaking slowly and often came with bad unjust solution
If you still play that’s what you got from expecting too much over dead indie game
I’d say deal with or just fk off
That’s prolly what Imc in honesty would say

This post was flagged by the community and is temporarily hidden.

You are the idiot for still playing the game and hope it’s great despite the bad management from the day it’s exist
Idiot does never learn


If you think just because this international forum then you can talk whatever you want that applies for everyone here who sounded like bullying you.
It also applies for imc who can do whatever the hell they want to do with their game including providing sh*tty service, at least for you and probably majority who left the game already
Still, some people still enjoy the game
So just play it or just go away
It doesn’t take you to be a big brainer to understand that simpleton
Unless you are a BIG-NO brainer :rofl:

dont being clown bro , lmao
idiot never learn.

“who sounded like bullying you”
No, are you imagination ??
i still playing and i still making thread here, problem ???

This one sentence enough to show how big of a brainer you are :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:




that all you have ???

I think you are the clown here
You entertained me enough with your stupid reply and zero argument but just tantrum kiddo
Go get your mom typing again

you are idiot bro, you just dont know that :joy:
you mom have problem with u bro??

Omg, you need another 5 minutes to rewrite a sarcasm insult? It’s not even leaving scratch on me lol


Thx for the laugh :clown_face:
Your laugh is so fake btw hahaha


Trash talk on internet never touch me bro, dont think im loser as you :face_vomiting: