Boruta - A History in Klaipeda


Either way though Narci arent you guys honestly bored with it at this point, I know we are. Anyone that says your guild is weak is just clearly out of touch with reality, you guys dont have anything to prove.

I get that we are going to be competing for things in the game, I just hope we can get back to doing it in a less Jerry Springer manner is all.


This is internet bloodsport : anime edition


I’m sorry you feel that way. However A) I am at my computer from time to time they do give me days off work believe it or not and B) I was trying to run TOS and kenshi at the same time and boy was that laggy. If you don’t believe me ask your guild members.

Moving on to my next point why are you so caught up in this anyway, it’s literally nobody was ■■■■ talking you, nobody was mean to you, nobody has gone out of their way to make your life any worse we’re literally trying to talk to you. I said “hi Texas” in klai a few weeks back and you said “oh Ffs” and logged out. I don’t know what’s gotten into you but it’s childish and this is coming from me. I’m not asking for an apology I’m giving one, and I again, want my friend back. I’m sorry again for anything I’ve done that’s made you upset but this is getting out of hand, we don’t hate you,nobody hates you and this “us and them” mentality isnt good for you. I know it’s convenient to scapegoat Melody but if you notice the lotus crew doesn’t talk ■■■■ about guilds (except for last borruta but that was a special circumstance) and so again I’m asking for your forgiveness since I don’t even know why you suddenly hate us.


Furthermore I’m making this post on the forums where I literally to just to talk ■■■■ to people. I’m being sincere and I want you to know that. I don’t hate you, narci or remeri. Or anyone in impetus except for crevox. I was super mad at borruta this week and said some things I shouldn’t have but again I want you to know I genuinely miss you and I’m sorry. Which is why I’m posting this in a public place under my main account so that you can see I’m coming from the heart. I literally went a whole 3 posts without insulting someone which is a new record for me tbh


I think you might need 2 doses. Here ya go.
I’d offer some salt for flavor but I know you have all you need and more.
Narci’s fanfics get more and more elaborate with increased brain deterioration. Imagine the humiliation of being the only guild locked out of Boruta. The guild that scorned anyone who worked with Melody suddenly begging us for 3rd. Not the best look.


Well, if you ever change your mind on things you know where to find me. I’m honestly sorry things turned out this way. You seem super jaded and like you’re in a bad place right now and I’m always available to talk. I don’t care what the circumstance is I do care about you and I’m going to make you see it.


How do you know this?

Anyways you don’t really need to congratulate me.


Literally didnt happen. I dare you to post the discord link that you are alluding to.


If you don’t believe me, ask Randy why I joined. It’s really not as dubious as it seems. Also if you’re so inclined yes, go ahead. There’s no guild ■■■■ talking since I’ve come back and it seems so out of character because I’m coming not from a place of hate but a place of love. So you are upset at me and I understand which is why I’m trying to be as upfront and direct as possible. I don’t have any motives other than just talking. I miss you and I’m honestly heartbroken by this. Also baubas cave drama is so low tier that I didn’t even ask who knocked me off just if it happened.


Thanks for the usual drama or whatever mental illness you NA monkeys role play in general (I can also see that Klaip’s mascot, @thepurpleknightmare, has also joined this wonderful and autistic theater)


// 2 0 c h a r
// 2 0 c h a r


That was not the case for the 10th time. I joined 2 hours before boruta because I was still unsure if I wanted to join or not. It is true that he tried recruiting me and many of our guildies way before MS2 was even released and Lotus was getting ready for that game.



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I like how people attack topic starter but immediately FAIL and start mumbling nonsense when asked to point our specific things in the text that need to be corrected.

Of course, it is OP that is biased, not you. Yessss. Totally not you.

Oh, and the “anime-for-sex” guy is here to. Why does he even keep posting after becoming a public embarassment like that is beyond me.

[Klaipeda] Forbidden

Will there be week 7 coverage?


I’ll add something once the week’s main events are over.


Leave that to the people actually there and placing please, not your failed sucker punch alliance.

Week 7 looked like this:


Nothing Special in Week 7

as usually

  1. Melody
  2. Forbidden


  1. Tornado


Added week 7. Siege tower racing was amusing. Added GTW ownership under each week’s Boruta ranking, too.


ToS turning into AoE… I like that! :haha:

So did you garrison your archers inside these to pick up on weak villagers? :wink: