Boruta - A History in Klaipeda


Week 1 (2019-01-28)

Rankings: Melody, Impetus, FullMoonCafe

Impetus gained an early lead this week because they were willing to start on Boruta before any other guild, a showing that surprised even themselves. Melody came in and pushed out Impetus while Forbidden showed up occasionally to cause trouble. Forbidden held third for a while until FullMoonCafe sneaked in late in the week after things quieted down (around the 4th day).

During this week Impetus tried to reach out to Melody to see if some sort of truce could be established just this week because it was unclear that Boruta could be defeated at all. Constant crashing and health regen made it appear as if no progress was made on the dragon during the middle days. Melody rebuked this offer, saying that Impetus just wanted to win trade. The relationship between Melody and Impetus rapidly became a fierce rivalry in the coming weeks.

Week 2 (2019-02-04)

Rankings: Melody, Impetus, Forbidden

Towards the end of last week Melody started adopting strategies that made killing Boruta far easier. Using revenged sevenfold to reflect the boss’s high damage back upon itself, Boruta was killed in half the time.

The pieces leading to alliances or truces started falling into place this week. Melody reached out to Forbidden, Dynasty, and FullMoonCafe in order to establish a coalition to completely snuff out Impetus. Melody asked for just one of item from the rewards granted to second and third place in exchange for working together. Dynasty and FullMoonCafe declined, opting to stay neutral in this conflict. Forbidden struck a deal with Melody, but it is a secret what the terms and conditions were.

Outside of Boruta, emotions ran high as the controversy behind “Bokor botting” built up. Taking advantage of a safe spot in Baubas cave in conjunction with how Bokor-based builds behaved allowed some players to generate income with little-to-no-input. Members of Melody and Forbidden were condemned on the forums for using this method of generating silver, with many players believing that it will contribute to the decline of Tree of Savior.

Week 3 (2019-02-11)

Rankings: Melody, Forbidden, FullMoonCafe

The dynamic of Boruta changed drastically this week as Melody firmly established its control. Having Forbidden’s backing, Melody succeeded in its goal of completely forcing Impetus out. Smaller guilds would help in that effort, afraid of also being ousted from the dragon’s lair.

The third week also had the freak incident where Boruta spawned in the middle of the day after maintenance. Melody and Forbidden clamored to kill Boruta before the rest of the server realized he was up and could organize to stop the effort. Without hesitation, they asked everyone that showed up to help with deflecting dissidents. There was some disruption, but nothing could effectively be put together with so little notice.

By this point in time, the alliance between Forbidden and Melody was firmly established. Melody would kill the dragon and Forbidden would keep other guilds out. FullMoonCafe held second place for a short span, until Melody got involved in the fights, saying that FullMoonCafe was killing their alts and slowing down their progress on Boruta. This ensured that Forbidden would get second place.

Week 4 (2019-02-18)

Rankings: Melody, Forbidden, FullMoonCafe

The strategy using sevenfold revenged was removed by the third week, but Melody somehow managed to defeat Boruta faster than ever. Boruta was defeated within the first day. For the time being, people attributed this to the lack of guilds contesting Melody, but in later weeks people started wondering if there was more to it than just that.

The fourth week is a low point for server morale outside of Melody and Forbidden. Impetus seemed to have abandoned hopes of getting into Boruta while other guilds (Dynasty, FullMoonCafe, and Yorozuya) just scraped by. FullMoonCafe attack Dynasty and Yorozuya out of fear of losing third place. Melody largely left these guilds alone in order to focus on defeating the dragon and avoid crashing the channel. Forbidden would occasionally attack these other guilds, saying that it was to make space for Melody’s damage-dealers and alt accounts.

Week 5 (2019-02-25)

Rankings: Melody, Forbidden, FullMoonCafe
Territories: Melody (Genar Field), Impetus (Aqueduct Bridge Area), Dynasty (Baron Allerno)

This week hit the server as rude awakening with the end of the Boruta opening event. Not only did players stop getting free Urbas seals, entry into the lair cost a normal Urbas seals for every single entry. It wasn’t the one seal per day that players expected. To add insult to injury, seals were consumed when an attempt was made to enter the dragon’s lair even if the lair was full and the player failed to actually enter.

The problem with Urbas seals stifled many attempts to get into Sullivanas Lair for many players, leading to an underwhelming number of personal rewards sent out this week due to many players’ inability to participate.

We saw the true introduction of Guild Territory Wars this week, the night before Boruta. Forbidden attempted to acquire Baron Allerno, but lost it to Dynasty. The ensuing arguments between Forbidden and Dynasty has since destroyed any hope that these guilds would work together. Dynasty accused Forbidden of failing to hold Baron Allerno despite getting help from Melody while Forbidden accused Dynasty of succeeding only due to the help from Yorozuya and Infinity. Melody, Yorozuya, and Infinity deny any direct involvement, with Melody saying that they were merely checking the area out.

By this week, a certain misunderstanding came to light. Multiple guilds were under the impression (FullMoonCafe, Dynasty, Yorozuya, and perhaps a few others) that they would be allowed to have third, or at least be left alone as long as they keep other guilds out. This didn’t make sense, as these unrelated guilds would end up having to fight each other.

Although some of these guilds expected safety, this did not stop Forbidden from killing most every other guild outside their alliance. They only spared a couple of individuals from small guilds, while spawn camping everyone else.

Week 6 (2019-03-04)

Rankings: Melody, Forbidden, Impetus
Territories: Melody (Genar Field), Impetus (Aqueduct Bridge Area), Dynasty (Baron Allerno)

The server decided to shake things up with a second alliance between Dynasty, FullMoonCafe, Impetus, and Yorozuya. The week’s Boruta started particularly peacefully, with Melody on Boruta and all other guilds inside hardly fighting at all. Suddenly, the second alliance guilds inside attacked Forbidden, causing a channel crash. At that point, the rest of the second alliance flooded in as the channel recovered and the first alliance tried to regroup. This resulted in extended fighting for over three hours, during which no progress was made. The second alliance could hold off the first alliance, but could not achieve a decisive victory.

The second alliance eventually ran low on resources and was forced to back out. On the second day Boruta was defeated with little issue.

Building resentment came to a head this week. Melody’s monopolization of Boruta’s rewards paired with their brazen approach to dealing with other guilds has drawn a lot of scorn towards them. Forbidden holds onto pride in their own strength, despite a number of guilds believing that they succeeded only with Melody’s help.

Regardless of their exact reasons, a number of guilds have now banded together to shatter the status quo. Despite not succeeding entirely, a number of small victories were achieved. Many players obtained personal rewards, and a lot of people had fun trying to defeat their oppressors. Only time will tell if Melody’s reign will continue, or if they can be overthrown.

Week 7 (2019-03-12)

Rankings: Melody, Forbidden, Tornado
Territories: Melody (Genar Field), Impetus (Aqueduct Bridge Area), Dynasty (Baron Allerno)

The second alliance attempted an immediate attack this week. Unable to get enough people into the channel as soon as Boruta spawned, they were unable to gain enough momentum to hold their ground in the dragon’s lair. The guild Tornado snuck in this week. Although the first day began with some fighting involving Tornado, it would appear a deal was quickly struck as they were allowed to stay. This guaranteed them a third place finish this week. Due to an early maintenance on Monday, Boruta was not killed the first day. However, the second alliance left the first alliance alone on the second day. The first alliance made quick work of the dragon on the second day.

This week’s Guild Territory Wars was an unusual mix of sideshows and back-and-forth fighting. With Forbidden nowhere to be seen in Baron Allerno, the location was unusually quiet for the first half of GTW. The only action to be seen was the siege tower racing that Infinity was conducting. On the other side of the world, Impetus and Melody fought over Aquedeuct Bridge Area and Genar Field. The maps changed hands twice, with the ownership of the territories ultimately unchanged compared to last week.

[Klaipeda] Forbidden

Holding this post for future updates, if I feel like updating this.

Take a look at this summary if you want to get an idea of what has been happening in Klaipeda!


the only thing I can say our lord bhikku is very mad with that alliance don’t expect he allow them get number the next boruta


If you are going to post this kind of stuff can you please be honest and not biased.

In week 6 you left out how Yorozuya and Fullmoon Cafe whispered Louka/Melody and asked for deals to arrange truces for 3rd and 4th place.

So we (Forbidden) were asked to let both guilds in and to not attack them, which we did even though Yorozuya had been quadruple teaming us with 3 other guilds in Territory Wars every Sunday and taking to shout to bad mouth us on a regular basis.

So, after about an hour inside Boruta on Monday after 3/4th of our guild was relaxed and afk with nothing happening Yorozuya and Full Moon Cafe attacked us from both sides to wipe us, as this was happening all of Dynasty and Impetus was waiting outside to come in and rush Melody once we were down.

In the end Melody alone was able to stand up to and repel all 4 guilds, even the mighty Impetus and we eventually were able to get back in and get the spawns under control.

Again, if you insist on bringing this stuff up and trying to cause trouble please post everything, I think people should know how Yorozuya and FMC whispered Louka and Melody and lied to get their footing in the raid to begin with. I also think people should know that FMC has made prior arrangements for 3rd place in the past which they were never griefed about.

So in summary, please stop talking about our guild’s “false pride” when there are literally 4 other guilds coordinating against 19 of our people every Sunday to push us out of Territory Wars and when 3 of the largest guilds on the server plus Yorozuya got smacked down by Melody.

Lets keep it real, thank you.

(We also enjoyed watching the live stream of the entire fiasco throughout the evening thanks to the kid in Dynasty who had it all online, so we got to listen in as you bad mouthed everyone and bragged about spawn camping us, you know, that thing you cry about all the time)




The only one spreading misinformation here is you twisting the events to meet your shitty narrative. Tycuck personally messaged FMC that he wanted an easy night and call it truce. He even added he only wanted to kill dynasty and impetus. On the otherhand Louka wanted to strike a deal with Yorozuya because he couldn’t with FMC. He kept asking over and over who’s the guild leader and that he wanted to speak to someone with a brain. The only thing Yorozuya said was they wanted individual rewards for top 70% participation.

And yes the alliance only lost because they ran out of seals but that’s to be expected because neither Dynasty nor Impetus have AFK bokor farmers like Melody and forbidden AFK farming baubus and effortlessly getting seals.


Due to some truly regrettable errors in the original version of this post, some edits have been made to accurately describe the events. In particular, changes were made to the discussions/agreements held in the second week and to the events of guild territory wars.


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I’m very okay with FMC being a moon.


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Ya done with this thread, this is absurdly one sided Fox News nonsense being spewed by the people that live by the motto “if you cant beat them buy more soul crystals”. Enjoy those “small victories” mentioned, still dying to know what those were lol.


A lot of people had fun!


Monkahs. Flagged



Bookmarked, can’t miss out on Boruta NA salt.


Moar please!

Heh I should do the same for Fedimian, but it would probably go like this for each week: Maid Café enters the lair at 7pm, at 9pm Boruta is subdued and we all go happily to Gemstone Feud.

Yes, and one seal each time the channel crashes. Basically you need one seal each time you’re getting kicked out for any reason + one seal or soul crystal each time you’re killed inside the lair.

Ouch. So that’s clearly a big limitation if it goes by how much you use AFK Bokors to get seals or spend TP to get soul crystals. New patch will fix some issues (AFK contribution + chosen spawn point), but the big one would be to make seals more common so you’re not left out just because you ran out of them.


The Anti-Forbidden bias is not so hidden in the OP. lol.

Fairly accurate, but your wording whenever Forbidden is mentioned… Its a bit salty.

EVERY GUILD has bokor farmers, Forbidden literally has one or two.

In GTW Forbidden couldn’t stop Dynasty due to Infinity and Yoro pushing us whenever we pushed Dynasty (a coordinated effort of 3v1).

EDIT #1 I appreciate you taking the time to reword things from a more neutral position, especially since this will be an ongoing thread.

EDIT #2 Infinity and Yoro denying their cooperation with Dynasty in GTW? Maybe viable if they were just attacking us out of spite, but it seemed coordinated from our end. <3 The shade of it all! <3


Anything that hurts my feeling = salty fake news

Anything that pleases me = verified facts

Welcome to NA.


They hid this announcement from forums did they? Perhaps i missed something


Hey guys, let’s keep it civil and not resort to ad hominem attacks. We can be better than that.

I’ve gone back and made some edits to mentions of Forbidden so that they’re less biased, with added phrasing to point out when things are of an opinion. Sometimes I hear some opinions so often I forget that they’re not facts. Unfortunately, the narrative that a lot of people are trying to sell is that Forbidden depends on Melody. I won’t deny that it’s a pervasive opinion.

On the other hand, I must admit that the alliance between Forbidden and Melody seems to be a pretty good deal for Forbidden. Every other guild that had that opportunity rejected it out of pride, or want of something more. Regardless of the reason, they’ve been left fighting over third for the last few weeks. So Forbidden is getting more rewards than any other guild except for Melody.

Personally, getting involved in an alliance just seemed more fun for me and my friends. Just joining the winning team would’ve been boring. Further, I want to point out that by the 4th or 5th week, any “guarantee” of 3rd place was looking silly. By that point it was apparent to most guilds that between Dynasty, FullMoonCafe, and Yorozuya, it was obvious that we couldn’t all get third place at the same time so someone was going to miss out. Not only that, on the 5th week every guild was getting attacked, so everyone was wary of such promises anyway.

I’m just going to point out that you don’t get any guild rewards for getting 4th place. Nothing extra. It just exists in the ranking page so 3rd place knows how close the competition is. No one would arrange a deal for 4th place because there is no point. This has been known since Boruta was released, and you can see it in the patch notes for that week: