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Block or Evasion (purple line) on Mace&Shield before ichoring

Clerics with Cloth armor and support.
Which effect is better? Block or Evasion? Why?

Thank you in advance!

Evasion, because block is not as powerful (only 30% damage reduction) as evasion (100% damage reduction).
Another reason is that Cleric can actually use active block by pressing C/subweapon button on controller to block actively for 60% damage reduction, and this active block adds a lot of block value (+950 iirc) to enable blocks even against endgame bosses with a high chance to proc the effect.

So, if you see a strong attack coming, you go into active block stance and wait if you can’t get away in time, it’s better to have evasion in case your block is not working.

By the way, there is also another option most people seem to neglect a lot, which is the blue attack versus medium size/cloth armor offsetting option.
This option actually reduces incoming damage from monsters to the character by a fixed percentage, scaling with the level of the player and the monster.

For example, a level 450 character with 3x 500 attack against medium target offsetting (or cloth armor offsetting if you use cloth armor,it doesn’t matter) will receive 11% less damage from a level 450 monster, and even less if the monsters level is below the players level.

since it’s relatively easy to stack up on these options, it can reach high amounts of damage reduction (if I calculated that correctly, a full equipment set[mace,shield,top,bottom,shoes & gloves ichor] of said reductions can net you about 3800 attack offsetting stats, which would be around 27% damage reduction against a level 450 monster), and since you can stack medium target and cloth armor attack offsetting, it’s even possible to achieve 46% damage reduction before block/evasion/defense calculation/equipment enchant/skill-based reduction[e.g. Foretell],
which would ± be equal to having a 50% evasion chance.


Thank you so much! :satisfaction:

why do more people not run it then if thats the case. and run eva instead? or even block. 46% dmg reduction sounds reallly good to me !

because it consumes 2 of 4 lines on your equipment. Most classes want at least STR/INT + CON and then crit to deal damage.
There is also the option of attack vs enemy type, which is really potent for damage dealers, so obviously they wouldn’t want to use it.

There is also the issue of damage reduction being multiplicative rather than additive, so if you already got a good damage reduction from skills (for example Bear, Magic Shield) or equipment enchant (up to 25% damage reduction) you gain less compared to the damage you lose, which in return increases the time required to clear content,thus also increases the damage you take overall.

You also need to consider the following: not everyone has the resources to make an ichor set completely specialized for a single character, most people will want to share their equipment with other characters or use it on PVP, too, and there this attack offsetting is mainly useless.

So while it may be very effective on a healer character, the stat specialization is gruesome for any non-healer and non-PVE content.

yea does even the Blue stat offsetting Work outside pvp??
form the develop Blogs post… i see
he following type stats are applied to Formula (1) .

Offensive Stat Defensive Stat
Attack against Cloth armored Target Attack Offset against Cloth armored Target
Attack against Leather armored Target Attack Offset against Leather armored Target
Attack against Plate armored Target Attack Offset against Plate armored Target
Attack against Small-type Target None
Attack against Medium-type Target Attack Offset against Medium-type Target
Attack against Large-type Target None
Attack against Ghost armored Target None
Attack against Plant-type Target None
Attack against Beast-type Target None
Attack against Demon-type Target None
Attack against Mutant-type Target None
Attack against Insect-type Target None


Offensive Stat Defensive Stat
Add. Damage Add. Damage Resistance

it seemed like the “RED” offensive stat’s defensive counterpart was “BLUE stat”
rather than how u generally calculated.

quote from official patchnotes:

[Attack against Armored types and medium-type Target Offsetting] will now apply against monsters.

  • Your character will receive less damage if you are wearing Leather type armor with [Attack against Leather Armored Target Offsetting] option. (The character’s armor type will be set to armor type of Top equipment.)
  • The offsetting ratio will be applied inverse proportionally to the monster’s level up to 50%.
  • Armored type offsetting and medium-type offsetting will be multiple operations.
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