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BGM Player still not Working

The BGM player is not working for like 2 or 3 weeks and i m sure its a Global Issue(atleast in SEA server) and not my personal issue.
Are they waiting for somebody to raise a ticket to get it fixed?
Please don’t say to raise a ticket…because its a global issue. and i ve seen many players say it already. Kindly check it during patch/fixes.


Strangely it was not working for me and yesterday I managed to make it work. Still the big problem with the BGM player is that once you click on the icon, it starts playing the songs alphabetically which you can’t change until you switch chars.

is there any workaround. i see they have not fixed it in the weekly maintenance this time too…

how to make it work?

i would like to know if its an issue only for me or its a problem for everyone, the rightside icon for BGM player below the mini map.

i have already checked verified intregration of files . its still not working.
anybody knows a fix?

It still doesn’t work for me either.

FOR GOD’S SAKE, fix this global issue, its been 3 months since the BGM player below the minimap stopped working and its a pain to listen to same bgm of klai xmas theme like 1000 times, even though xmas is already over 2 months ago!!

FUN FACT: all the good music bgms are in the maps which noone will probably ever visit…
because 90% of cool desigend maps and its amazing BGM/soundtracks went unnoticed because everthing became about CM and endless grinding… players are fixed in 4-5 fixed map.

also it increases lag to play backgorund youtube or other music streaming in background…

sorry for bumping it up,

this needs FIX ASAP!!!

It works for me now.

I click on it, have to wait like 2-3 seconds and then it pops up and is usable.

It’s kinda weird that this issue solved itself for me and others, but not for all.

If your BGM Player is not working, try to verify client files. I did this and it works for me now.

usually i just reload the game and it’s fixed for me owO

tried Verifying Intregrity of files, its still not working,
When i click the BGM player it Freezes for 3 seconds and nothing happens,

Same thing happened for me until the issue magically fixed itself.

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