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Arise, Summon Army! The Purple Class Codex

Wrong equipment, wrong build, wrong zombies… etc.

Will wait and judge for myself. KR in general thinks summoner is “trash” which is why IMC did these changes to begin with. Besides that, it’s always possible IMC will make more changes and iterate to fix problems that exist, which is why I don’t bother to log on KTEST after every change to test.


Honestly cervix thank you for all your effort in the community.

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Oh ok. I look forward to you testing it out. I do hope Bokor is good because I really want a pure summoner build. Trying to collect all the wizard classes and play in various builds


I have seen several videos where the necromancer invokes a shield with “flesh Hoop” but it does not happen with the patch of the arts, what did I miss?

Was only available in the KR test server. They changed the art to what we have now.

Sorry looking back at the change that we are gong to get in future, Flesh Cannon and Flesh Hoop seems to be pretty strong? I got this from the general discussion thread

Flesh Cannon
[Change] The skill factor has been changed.
[Before Change] 83% + [Level-1] * 4.2%
[After Change] 176% + [Level-1] * 45.8% (16 hits)
[Max Level] 120% → 588% (9408%)

[Removal] Enemies hit are no longer inflicted with Necromancer Bane.

Flesh Hoop
[Change] The skill factor has been changed.
[Before Change] 266% + [Level-1] * 8.8%
[After Change] 313% + [Level-1] * 52.2% (15 Hits)
[Max Level] 389% → 1043% (15645%)

[Added] Increases the damage of Flesh Cannon by 100% if using Flesh Cannon would cause Flesh Hoop to be removed, and it removes Flesh Hoop.

Would it be good to add those 2? I was thinking focusing the skill points on either Soldier/Archer/Mage so that we can use the rest of the points for offensive skills.

From this video it seems like the person only added Archer and Mage.

The video is an IMC developer demonstration of a summoner. They also admit the developer has never played summoner before, so I wouldn’t put too much thought into it. You don’t use soldiers in CM anyways.

The skeletons are all useful in all content. You can do whatever you’d like for your build, but I feel they are important to have.

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What about adding max for the main Skeleton I use like Archer, and 1 point for the other Skeleton for Disinter for the buff?

If you only plan on using one skeleton, sure. Typically you should be using Soldier for bossing, Archer for mobbing, and Mage for the buffs it provides. They all have different uses, so specializing in one just limits your effectiveness in a variety of content.

If you only plan on doing one thing or the other, like only plan on bossing on your character, then sure, you can definitely save some skill points for skills like Flesh Hoop.

Because this is isn’t my main (my main is Featherfoot - Warlock - Onmyoji which I use for most content), this pure summoner build is mainly to try and clear CM and of course do well in bossing if possible just for fun. I have many other wizards that I build for fun and pure summoner is one of them.

Does anyone know the distribution of skills for the FF in combination with sorcerer and necromancer?

@crevox whats the state of changes done to summoners now in ktos? How are they buffed? I would like to atleast know where to invest to now while summoner buffs were still not in itos. Also your skill build?

I’d like to know I should focus to collect skiaclipse SPR/CON (healer ones) ichors for armor or SPR/INT (skipaclipse/ignas/misrus/etc) ones.

For accessories, should I get uphill defence legendary set or old fantasy library set?

If I understand correct, only weapon MATK value effects summons, not your characters cumulative MATK value.

By the way, does snapshotting (switch to SPR items) still work when summoning?

Disclaimer: I’m a summoner noob, I used to have sorcerer alt before re:build.
PS: Sorry about too many questions.

Summoners were buffed because they had their entire calculation for summon damage output redone and their skill factors buffed. There were many changes done to benefit summoners.

My skill build now will be different than it is in the update and I have not decided on a final skill build in the new update.

Misrus ichors are the best as it offers both INT and SPR, and the highest amount of SPR. If you want more survivability at the cost of damage, then the Skiaclipse CON/SPR ichors are an alternative.

The Uphill Defense set offers a bit more SPR and CON while the Fantasy Library set offers more defense for your summons. The knockback protection from the necklace is also very helpful for skeletons. Either set is fine until the new legendary accessories release that will be the best for suimmoner from the new Moringponia legend raid, but if your summons are having issues surviving, I would advise Rangovas. There isn’t a significant difference between the two sets.



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when about the changes should arrive to sorcerer ? :frowning:

Thanks for suggestions, I wish there will be INT/SPR/CON fixed stat items. Which staff ichor should I focus to get? Misrus one is hard to find :frowning:

Wastrel staff ichor is the best at the moment.

hi im currently onmyoji-necro-sorc should i change to pyro? or is is onmyoji good for this build?

Onmyoji works just fine. Pyromancer only offers Enchant Fire for synergy which isn’t significant and can be used through scrolls if desired.

oh cool thanks mate :3