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Any Clicker Heroes Players?

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hey man, surprised to see a fellow clicker heroes player on this forum. I think I can answer your question as I’m on zone 700 now and have transcended multiple times now. But before that, tell me something……Are you able to go past the 300 zone anymore? Or you’re stuck and have reached your HZE (highest zone ever) for you.

Umm…Idk, but I feel I’ll be able to complete this zone as well. I might even not need to ascend to go to the next zone. With one more ascension, I can surely progress though.

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Makes sense. I’m just confused as a lot of people suggest transcending as soon as you reach 300 zone. Also, I’m a bit impatient and want to transcend asap :stuck_out_tongue:

haha, I get it. Don’t get me wrong, even 8 ancient souls are fine. But If I were at your lace, I’d have waited for some more time and got like 10 or 12 ancient souls instead. Rest, your choice bro.

Ig I’ll just wait for some time man. I just kinda hate ascending and starting everything again. Ik this is a part of the game but it’s really annoying to me. Any way to just get back quickly after ascension?

You’re not the only one, most people find it annoying tbh (I don’t though, i instead enjoy it xD). Btw there’s no secret recipe to get back quickly, you can just buy heroes, upgrades, auto clickers or even get a third party auto clicker for even better CPS.

Dude, I infact started trying third party ACs a week ago. Tried like 5 of them but they were either paid or just didn’t work properly. While installing one of them, even my PC had a warning for threats. Not really sure any of these third party tools are reliable, do you have any suggestions I can go for? Please suggest tools that you’ve personally used.

So, I use this tool, been using it since a couple of months and no issues yet. You can try it as well.

Sure sure, thanks man. I’ll give it a try.