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[ADDONS] Discontinued/Broken Addon Development #2

What a hassle. Continuing the conversation…

List of Addons Reported Broken (TBD):

  • Assortment (deprecated, similar on jTOS Manager)
  • Boss Tracker
  • Char Simulator
  • Context Menu Additions
  • cW Market
  • Enhanced Collection
  • Guildmates / GuildmatesKai
  • F*ck System Messages (deprecated, similar on jTOS Manager)
  • Marktioneer

why they close the previous topic -.-?

owh ic… lel -.-

It’s easier if we transpose the text from the last topic to this, because the list of broken addons is constantly updated and @IllFatedGaming can’t edit that one anymore.

The automatically closing topics are unbelievably retarded. What were they thinking with that?

Anyway, what’s broken with the newest patch? I know chat addons are ■■■■■■.


Got you covered, fam.

First post updated.

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Marktioneer too


Is there any kind of replacement for boss tracker? That’s probably the #1 addon that should been in the game to begin with.

Sadly the closest we have is Boss Spotter, which still requires you to find the bastards in the first place.

Hello I’m returning from an hiatus, are all addons on the manager “legal” to use?

Those and the ones posted in links at the top of the previous thread, to which you can find a link in the first post of this thread.

does anyone have the ipf file of the addon which adds the second into in-game clock? Thanks :smiley:

Isn’t that TimePlus which is in the manager?

yeah, and I dont see it anymore… I use the jTOS addon manager.

nvm I got it now. :smiley:

Really wish the functionality of ChatExtends would come back… Don’t know if the dev is working on it or is even aware of the chat change. (no idea if the change hit jTOS or not)

He fixed it (v1.1.0)

The changes just hit JToS today.

Edit: Assortment can be replaced with sortexample from JToS addon. Works the same.

Where can i find the JToS addon mandager and is there any compatibility issues by having both of the addon managers?

The JP one has iToS one integrated in it. You only need to install this and you’re good to go.


Updated first post with deprecated addons thanks to those available on jTOS Manager.

I don’t think a lot of people use the addon but FPS Savior hasn’t been working since the VS 2015 update.
I just personally like to use it because Fediman is always crowded :’)