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About Change Channel When return to Citys


Hello. Can u turn off the change channel when return to citys on Orsha and Fedimian. Is awfull to change channel everytime i return to citys. For klaipeda could understand because is usually crowded but orsha and fedimian r dead citys why send me to a more empty channel ?


Is sad how people like you don’t know how bloody lucky they are and tray to screw up everyone and themselves out of ignorance…

TDTU: More Channels is always good


Dude i didnt saying to retire the channels i asking to remove the auto switch when u go to fedimian or orsha.


usually the channel you go is based on the previous channel you’re from

otherwise they change you to a different channel when the one assigned to you is full


i usually come from ch1 every dungeon to orsha with portal that usually have 10 or max 15 users on, But allways trow me to ch2 who is empty. I understand on klaipe because usually ch1 is crowded but other citys r graveyards why waste time switching . The only channel with stores is ch1


that’s pretty unusual Owo;