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A Quick Guide: Bullet Marker

Hi. I read everything in this discussion but i’m a little bit confused about the large variety of build combination. I’m a Cleric player, so don’t understand very much of the scout Gameplay, but i really like it. Have a Reiter for farming and i’m growing 2 others.

I’ve learned about these builds in this topic:

  1. BM - Ench - Link
  2. BM - Ench - Cor
  3. BM - Ass - Link
  4. BM - Link - Sher
  5. BM - Ass - Ench
  6. BM - Cor - Link

Which one excels in which content? My confusion is for the presence of linker / Enchanter.
I Understood that the other DP in the build (Ass, Cor, Sher) are “defining” class… But the third class which one is better for what?

I really lack a general overview about these classe to let me decide how to build my toons XD

Hi! Let me see…

BM-ENCH-LINK and BM-LINK-SHER are the best (among those) for boss killing. Sheriff has high burst damage and Linker’s Electrick Shock reduces enemy’s phys defense by 25%.
BM-LINKER-SHERIFF is one of the best (among those six builds) for PVP too.

BM-ENCH-COR / BM-ASS-ENCH / BM-COR-LINK are good for general PVE content. Those builds don’t really excel on anything because they aren’t built to do so. BM-COR-LINKER is good for PVP too.

BM-ASS-LINKER is the best build for general content. Very good for PVP, PVE and boss killing.

Some important points:

BM-Linker-Anything will always be good for PVP or boss killing because of Electrick Shock
BM-Ass-Anything will always be good for CM because of it’s AOE and invincibility skills.
Enchanter isn’t that good for Burst(Damage Skills based) builds.

You can choose any class as the third one, even defining classes. I’ve just put it that way because it’s better to understand which classes really affect the way the build is played. Most of the time the last class is something to buff or complement the build. This isn’t a rule, though!

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Ok, that’s explain almost everything well.
So, will be pointless for me having BM-Ench-link and BM-Link-Sher, because they got the same “role”.
BM-Ass-Link it’s a very good “all rounder” among those;
The other 3 doesn’t really shine, but BM-Cor-Linker has some uses for PVP

So, i want to cover boss killing and CM / Raid Characters. I got no interest in PVP. Have you any suggestion? There are many differences between builds of the same role? There is something about meta to know? (Ansk this because i always watch the ladder ot top 100 builds)

Thx again and sorry for the tons of questions (and for my english too XD)

About Meta: Linker is meta for any build.

There are no many differences about same role builds. Some are more support focused and others will give you some damage skills.

I suggest trying BM-Ass-Linker or BM-Enchanter-Linker. More AoE and Crit damage from Assassin and more Single Target damage and Support Skills from Enchanter. Up to you to decide!

OBS 1: You’ll have to invest on both dagger and pistol if you want to go Assassin.
OBS 2: You’ll need a Wastrel Sword to take advantage of the full potential of the Enchanter.

Thx a lot, I got 2 toons for scout. I’ll go booth! :slight_smile:

Hi, i read your guide and i want to make BM. I main a swordsman so im really new to scout class but i wanted to make a AA farmer using BM. I want to know which classes should i get for farming. Im planning on making BM-Enchanter-Thauma focusing on buffs and AA. Is it worth getting enchanter or is it better to go linker for farming?

If you want a field farmer, linker won’t help. It is very useful for bosses and CM but not for field farming. It is faster to just AA your way through.

If you want a CM farmer, you should switch thauma for linker.

Enchanter is a very good class. You may switch it out only if you want a CM farmer because it doesn’t have any atk skills.

Thauma is good for HG farm. If you don’t want to farm HGs, you should drop Thauma

If you want linker and don’t have any interests in HG farming, just switch thauma for linker! But if you do have interest on HG farm, drop enchanter and go for linker.

Thats very informative thanks ill try to see which content i want to focus on

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actually bm-link-thaum works too, that is my farmer build who can farm field and soloing amiss dog. (and is a better farmer than bm-enchant-thaum, because hangman knot help a lot for 10/10 swelled body)
joint penalty-hangman knot-swell body- burst!

Hmm I dunno
Maybe for lower gear builds, but with end game equipments enchanter-bm-linker is better and you don’t even need joint penalty. It kills doggoo faster too.

But I can’t deny it works. It’s just a different gameplay choice!

ayooo bro you still alive and playing? have you seen latest ktos adjustment on BM? now what would be your skill build once it hits itos

Hello! Still alive and playing!
About the changes: I’ll wait till they are live on kTos. There are always some changes.

But I think it will remain the same. For me, at least. You’ll have more “viable” options. Do you like Mozambique? If you don’t, Take RIP instead. Linker build? Napalm/FMJ might be good options. But here, on my guide, I’ve always thought about these skills as useful for different builds. What can I say? I don’t like meta!

But we have to wait till it hit ktos/ktest. Only then I can say there will be build changes or not.

okie then. will wait for your inputs by the time the patch hits, cheers!

Are you still playing? How about BM after ARTS update? I feel that auto-attack is a bit nerfed. I’m still seeking new skill focused builds. cors-bm-???

if you have wastrel sword, you should pick class with strike skill, like linker’s electric shock, enchanter’s lightning hand, outlaw’s rampage to trigger 2x crit rate effect

Yes, i’m using wastrel sword + asio pistol ichor. I don’t want to make 2nd weapon (ie dagger) so I probably won’t go with dagger classes (bm+corsair+assassin would be nice). I might park this character (or make it camp slave) since I couldn’t decide what to do (i’ll be sorry it was my main). I also might replace asio ichor with m-pony pistol ichor (cheap!) (corsair skills +2 one) and replace wastrel sword with something else then make BM+Corsair+(fill the blank) build.

Hello! I hope it is not too late to be asking things…
The guide is awesome, it helped me a lot.

I’m a AA fan, and have recently tried BM with Enchanter/Linker. I had a good AA damage due to Enchanter buffs, but I usually play solo, and those two seems to be meant for party and Linker didn’t buff my AA. So I changed to Assassin and Corsair, and felt that my AA damage was… lower? I wonder if I have done something wrong, because Assassin should give me a lot of ATKSPD, which I didn’t really notice, and Corsair should give me a good Missile damage.

Do you think that these two with BM is good or should I go back to Enchanter/Linker?

nowadays, skill dmg is giving far more stronger DPS than AA

I see… I’ll keep Assassin and Corsair for damage skills then. Thanks a lot!

What a AMAZING Guide! Thanks for sharing all the information, not only the guide itself but the questions here helps a lot =D!
I Would like to ask you something, I do want a char that i can drop some items, for others chars, friends, make money and some stuff like that. What would be good? I don’t mind if i go to Link>Thauma but i just want to know if corsair for exemple i would kill faster or something… Some people in game told me that linker is not that gooooddd. And some personal stuff: I like to go wild on the field, shooting hahahha