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2020 ban-a-thon. is it possible to play now without getting banned?

so i want login after many days, and. i notice if i do and play few hours, i see the 2 time auto coin ticker will activate and get me banned… also not able to do many cm, dg, well not worth the risk

also why are they not fixing a blocker issue, it is supposed to be fixed within 1 day . Wrong time to keep event and go on holiday. maybe event must be activated like on working day
like dec20 to jan 20, they thought will activate on dec 31 midnight. and shut office and go for holidays…
the more it gets delayed, more people get banned , hard to make rollback,
the most of it all, half server population wiped out…
i think they waiting till jan 7 maintence .need Fix and unban players and coin and reward rollback ASAP!! …
or is like somebody says… like many mmorpg does before closin down… they wantdly or purposefully do this so players ragequit and others slowely leave game and they can silently shutdown game?
i hope its not true…

err… which server do you play again, ignitor?
You can safely do anything in game, just dont press [Auto Match] button at saalus and DG.

Ignitor, dont spread hoax please!

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the cursed one… asia/SEA TELSIAI

I’m getting flagged for saying some catchphrase/running gag or w/e you wanna call it, really not being serious about it just having fun. But you got snowflakes on this community, as well. Can’t really have fun, it seems.

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take that red names


spot on , exactly . just because a certain individual claimed to go through complex steps to reproduce it and they bought his information

the fact is you just had to do dailies or any form of instanced dungeon normally to reproduce it